Sunday, February 3

Farm Photo 2/3/08: Handyman Special

A Man & His Supervisor

"Um, honey? The bathtub just puked up the dishwater I poured down the kitchen sink."

So yesterday Joe dug into what we thought was a small plumbing problem.

Way More Exciting Than Watching The Superbowl

Turns out it's more like a medium plumbing problem. But at least it stopped snowing. And hasn't started raining yet. And the ground isn't frozen. Well, not solid anyway.

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  1. Oh dear, I've had that "medium-sized problem" myself, since my house is nearly 100 years old. Luckily I have two brothers in the sewer business. Hope yours will not turn out to be a hassle.

  2. Joe looks like he is tackling the problem, get it, tackling???
    Ok, I know I'm bad.

  3. Ah plumbing issues - always fun - be grateful your significant O is a handyman - my hubby is great at that stuff but it always includes a bit of mumbling I'm glad I cannot hear!

  4. Boy, that's one strong farmer! It looks like the more he dug, the worse it got. Good luck. Hope the problem gets fixed. Nothing is worse than a plumbing problem.

  5. Ah, I can sympathize. What was initially thought be a small leak in a washing machine hose turned out to be a frozen drain (not a surprise since was -40 last week). Of course, we didn't figure this out until after a small flood that forced us to rip up carpet and tile. The drain is still frozen because the person fixing it decided he couldn't miss the Super Bowl party -- I guess I needed a Buddy Bear to keep him in line.

  6. Oh no! Atleast he knew what to do!

  7. I've found there are no "small" plumbing problems.

    I find it telling that whenever you purchase plumbing supplies, the cashiers at the hardware store say "See you later."

    And they always do!

    SB (figures a 3-4 trip-to-the-store qualifies as "medium".

  8. Oh, bleeehhhhhh. Sorry to hear about your plumbing/sewer problems--had those a few years ago with my own old Shack. Next up for the Happy Kitten Cottage is replacing the incoming water service lines...oh, joy.

    Best of luck, FG!

  9. The snow is beautiful I think but bring this type of problem,but your pictures are lovely Gloria

  10. and bear is the boss.... ;-)
    am here in florida

  11. Ha, ha, ha! "Um, honey? The bathtub just puked up the dishwater I poured down the kitchen sink." Thanks for the chuckle.


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