Saturday, February 23

Farm Photo 2/23/08:
Please Don't Step On My Heart

Watch That Hoof, Dolores

A year of Farm Photos ago:
Cary's First Woolcut
More Scenes From Sheep Shearing Day 2007
I Love Black Sheep!

Two years ago we also had a lot of snow:
Poultry In Motion
Up For The Winter Look
This Is Not Cute Donkey Abuse
For Some Reason I Thought They'd Be Safer Indoors
Same Scene New View - The Haybarn
Winter Spring & Better Than Evian
Snow Dance
Note To Self Re Snowstorm Preparation: Think Tarp
It's A Boy! It's A Girl! It's A Boy!
Snow Love (What a heartfind coincidence!)
Martha & Her Baby Girl
Chickens On Snow - Not A Recipe

And out of the kitchen came:
Susan's Super Spinach Soup
My Best (And Very Popular) Bran Muffin Recipe (Has it really been a year already? Wow.)

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  1. Great post title: "Chickens On Snow - Not A Recipe."

    Love the heart! I caught a light heart in a tree root a few weeks back. Made me very happy!

  2. Would you look at that. It is amazing how you find all those hearts!


  3. Just made my Blog! Stop by if you are interested.


  4. Do I hear background music of Elton John singing "don't go breaking my heart"? Probably not - maybe more achey breaky heart????
    What a fun photo - I looked back through previous years and saw all the lambs - are the girls running late this year? Usually we are getting tales of tails of new lambs this time of year. Glad with your recent cold weather you aren't getting lots of babies!I'm missing your because we deliberately aren't having babies this year and I miss 'em!

  5. I found one of those on my deck, on valentines. I put a picture up on my blog. I took it as a sign, but of what I'm not sure...
    Have a great day!

  6. Great post. I looked for some heart shaped rocks on the beach of Whidbey Island and they aren't that easy to find!

  7. Hey FG. You find hearts everywhere! That must say something about you.

    Loving the wintry vibe. XX

  8. Adorable photo, as always! FG, you have the best photographic mojo, I swear.

    And is that some kind of sock on Dolores's leg?

  9. Love your heart collections. :)

  10. I am in now head-over-heels in love with donkey hooves!


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