Monday, February 25

Farm Photo 2/25/08:
A Rare Winter Sight - And Geese!

Frozen Water & Flowing Water

It isn't often that our wet weather creek starts running when there's snow on the ground. But one of the recent snow and ice storms we had (they're all becoming one big white blur in my mind) was followed a few days later by a downpour, resulting in a lot of runoff from the surrounding hills and higher water levels underground. For a while the little trickle of overflow at the spring box looked like a miniature Niagra Falls, and the pasture around it was flooded. The creek is one of my favorite things about the farm. I really wish it ran all the time, but after a decade of drought I suppose we're lucky it still runs at all.

One of the other things I love about the farm is that it's located in a migratory flight path, and this morning I was surprised and delighted to hear the unmistakable sound of geese overhead. It took me several seconds to realize they're already heading back north. Most of them were traveling above the clouds and out of sight, but a couple of low-flying flocks went by while I was down at the barn, and of course I stopped to watch. I must have seen two thousand geese in just a couple of minutes. After all these years they never fail to mesmerize me.

I probably could have snapped a couple of good photos - something I've been hoping to do for ages - but it was raining, so this was one of the rare times I didn't have my trusty little camera slung around my neck. Instead I stood with my face to the sky as I listened to their incessant honking, foolishly tried to count them, and soaked up the joyful moment with everything I could.

Winter is flying by.

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  1. Nicely said. Winter is indeed flying by. -- Chuck

  2. Love that - I lived in the desert southwest for many years and open running water is still a miracle to me! Thought I wanted to own a house on a lake until I got into real estate -
    glad you are getting plenty of moisture - it has been dry a long spell now and it's your turn. Any lambies yet?

  3. We always have geese that stop on our farm twice a year. They hang out in our sod fields for several days for a "stop over". It is one of my favorite things!

    You are lucky that when your face was turned up in admiration you weren't accidentally marked - numbers that big, I'd say you beat the odds. :0)

  4. Your blog was recommended to me by a friend, and I am really enjoying it. I too have recently noticed the geese headed north – on another goose highway. We have had almost two weeks of dry weather which is unusual for this time of year, so I have been out digging in the garden and enjoying their music. I actually got my peas planted yesterday!

  5. The Geese must have been and AWESOME sight


  6. Hi Farmgirl,
    I recently discovered your blog and it's truly riveting. This morning I just spent an hour reading posts - smiling, laughing and crying throughout. What a gift you have given all of us with your stories and pictures. I'm a Jersey girl who spent four months on a Congressional campaign in the Boothill of MO (about 12 years ago!) and have always remembered my experience there fondly!

    Thanks for giving us all much needed insights into the life of a farmgirl.


  7. OMG I so miss witnessing the Canadian Geese flying south when I lived on the Connecticut river. Hundreds of them would wke me uo in the morning honking like crazy when they stopped to rest in the river.

  8. The challenge is to know when it's running, even when there is snow on top of the water. Be careful! Cary needs you!

  9. I honestly would cry if snow came back here. It was 60 today and I loved it! Im so over Winter for the year and want to move forward!
    Your pics however are very pretty!!

  10. I have to say that hearing the geese fly overhead is one of my favorite sounds. I run outside like a little kid to follow their sound as long as I can.

  11. I love the geese, too. A few months ago I looked up and saw a large v flying just west of a smaller v. The smaller v suddenly took a hard right and flew right into the larger v, breaking up the formation. Then they started flying south again. I wondered if the leader of the smaller group had some kind of beef with the leader of the larger group . . .

  12. I heard the faint sound of geese flying in the distance this morning, but then then told myself that it must be my imagination because it's still only February. So I guess it's really not too early, and I really did hear them after all. Now I will be alert for more in the days to come. Thanks for a wonderful post.

  13. I love your blog -- My dream is to live on a farm so it's nice to "visit" yours since I can't get that dream completed yet.

  14. Loved the blog! Enjoy is while it lasts...Spring is near.

  15. That is lovely! Oh - I tagged you for a meme, play if you have the time and inclination :)

  16. How lovely to see so many geese flying over, they never fail to bring a tear to my eye - I don't know why, I just love seeing them. But I always feel sorry for the ones lagging behind at the back, and hope they don't get left behind.

  17. I have a soft spot in my heart for Canadian Geese. My husband's grandfather had some that were crippled and could not fly with the flock. In the fall when the wild geese would fly over, the captive geese would call out to them. It was sad but sweet at the same time. Now all these years later, when I hear them I am transported back to that farm in upstate NY. Gives me goosebumps! Pun intended.

  18. I've lived most of my life (except for 5 years), born and still living there, on the major, central flight path for Canadian geese. I love watching them and every year it's a sign to me of the passing of the seasons both spring and fall...


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