Tuesday, February 19

Farm Photo 2/19/08: Eco Art Or Washed Up Junk?

Depends On How You Look At It

I rarely get out to museums or galleries anymore, but I still love to see art. Fortunately it's everywhere you look around here - even in a piece of old wood that washed up from the creekbed one year during a particularly bad storm.

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  1. And with the snow and the shadows, it looks like it's on display just for all of your readers. :)

  2. Loved all your Pics. Isn't it neat when you can see the art in ordinary things!?!?!?!

  3. No, no, no, it is neither art nor junk. It's clearly a Rorschach. I see... a beautiful eagle in flight being ridden by a caped elf with a cleaver over his shoulder. Yeeeeah.

    Farmgirl, I have just discovered your world and spent HOURS reading old stories and admiring pictures (and crying over some of the sad animal stories). I love it! Thank you for sharing this with us!

  4. FG that is wonderful! I love the big sculpture effect of this picture. Real life is the most beautiful art

  5. I couldn't agree more! Being a farmer's wife and photographer myself, I find the most beautiful things to take pictures of right out my front doorstep.

    I love your blog! I'm a newbie fan that plans on sticking around a while!


  6. Crazy that the big old thing washed up in your smallish creek bed!


  7. LOVE your website. I live in Iowa, have been in the midst of lambing season and wondering if there are any other people in the world like me!! It's been a rough winter and your pictures of sheep and their sweet faces have reminded me why I love animals. Thank you for sharing - it's an inspiration.

  8. Farmgirl, I truly love discovering all the sites on your farm. Thank you for sharing all the photos.
    I just noticed at the bottom you say "and we're not snowed in any more". There's more coming, you know. I'm ready for spring.
    Linda in St. Louis

  9. That is definitely a still life... Ansel Adams has nothing on you! (I especially love the little footie prints...)

  10. I am taking a break while the "twins" are sleeping. Oofta, baby goats are demanding! Anyway, I love driftwood and that one piece in the snow is awesome - great picture, great natural art! How great that you could see it and share it with us!

  11. You could probably make a pretty penny selling that big hunk of wood for a big aquarium. People will pay a lot for a good looking piece of driftwood. Especially if it's from a hardwood tree.


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