Sunday, February 10

Farm Photo 2/10/08:
Blue Skies, Nothing But Blue Skies (For Now)

Yesterday's Sky Looked Fake

Which was especially nice to see since tomorrow the forecast says rain, freezing rain, sleet, ice, thunderstorms, and ice pellets. How can that much weather be squeezed into one little day? Today it was sunny but windy and cold, and we spent much of it enjoying the brisk, fresh air while cutting a big load of firewood to keep us warm.

Some of you will recognize this photo of part of the hayfield as my favorite view on the farm. It also happens to be some of the view I'll see when I'm standing at the big stainless steel triple sink in the little artisan bread bakery we're slowly building (the sheetrock finishers will be here in a week!) - or looking out the window from the bedroom in the new living quarters above the bakery. I can't wait.

You know I love hearing about the weather in other places. What's it like in your neck of the woods?

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  1. How exciting to be so close to the new home! Delighted that the view will be one so continually changing and interesting. Dry wall - woo hoo!! Love the skies in your place - ours was similar -warmer weather though. More winter supposedly on the way but we enjoy what we have while we have it! (not a bad motto huh? oh yeah carpe diem!)

  2. Hey there!!! Just to let you know about my weather today. I worked til 3PM and all the parents who came in said it was "pretty", "nice", "warm" outside, so I could not wait to get out in it. Well, it was pretty, but, oh so cold. We usually have weather close to yours, but, thankfully I am a little more south than you, so not freezing rain....

  3. Oh my, that sky DOES look fake! It's also so strange to see actual earth and green at this time of year, as we are covered in snow and ice over here (Toronto area). Today was -20C (I think about 21 F or so??--way below freezing, anyway!). Tried to walk the dogs with my face entirely covered by a scarf and it was STILL too cold. Your weather looks much better!

  4. Well you asked; it was 65 today in Lincoln, Ca which is north east of Sacramento. The sun was nice and warm. I do love your donkeys.

  5. Hey, in San Diego it is freakishly warm--77 degrees yesterday. Yes, it's nice, but kinda weird for February! I got married 23 years ago in LA on Valentine's Day, and it was a record still unbroken: 93 degrees. . . Can't wait to see pix of a baby donkey--my head might implode from the cuteness.

  6. anxious to hear all about the coming attraction of the new kitchen.

    Our weather in Southern AZ is drop dead gorgeous 74* lovely cool nites.

    I love Doodles the Donkey ;)

  7. When the sky hits your eye like a big pizza pie...

  8. It is still summer in Australia but where we are near the mountains, there is definitely a feeling of autumn in the air. What a great view to be able to see while baking.

  9. In Edinburgh, Scotland it is just climbing above freezing as the sun comes up, but everything is shrouded by the Haar - the Scots sea mist.

  10. That will be a lovely view!
    Here in southern MN we've had a frigid northwest wind blowing at around 35 mph, bringing the wind chill down to the -40s F. The wind has died down a bit, and we might actually get above zero later today. So of course we're then expecting a couple of inches of snow.

  11. It's COLD and WINDY here in Ohio. Currently it is 5 degrees...... and that isn't even counting windchill. Thanks for sharing the picture of your pretty sky. Makes me wish for spring!


  12. i hope you'll take us on a little photo tour of your bakery when it's finished - that's the original hook that got me reading your blog.

    our sky looked fake yesterday too, here in east tennessee.

  13. Dear Susan,

    Funny you should mention the weather yesterday; I posted three “weather report” photos Sunday after our promenade in sunny 50+ degree weather here in Provence.

    Sunday just seems to be a day to reflect on the weather; or is it that Susans think alike?

    Here are the links to my “weather” photos.

    An old provencial farmhouse
    Another old farmhouse, with late-day sun
    Spring is on the way!

    You can always check on the weather in our tiny village, St Roman de Malegarde by clicking the accuweather link on my blog:
    Notre Vie Quotidienne

    Warm regards from sunny southern France!

    p.s. Great photo of truly fake-looking clouds; Is it possible that nature can be more "un-natural" than anything we could create?

  14. Can't wait till you get your building finished! What beautiful skies :) Our skies here in SW Florida are clear and the weather's in the 70s, sometimes going to 80, or on colder days dipping to lows in the high 60s. I have to hold an ice cube to my forehead to pretend we're having a real winter, lol!

  15. A wonderful landscape! We have also been having blue skies lately...



  16. We enjoyed bright blue sky as well. Much needed after the weather last week.

    Really enjoy your blog. Thanks!


  17. It is only 9 degrees here in NH. with wind chills below zero. The sun is out at this point but not making much of a difference!

  18. If you want to know what the weather's been like in Toronto, think of one word: "snow." I don't think we've had this much snow for about 10 years! I love it, but Milo, with his little dachshund legs, thinks otherwise.

    Right now, it's -16C (3F, I think)and blandly sunny. Tomorrow's forecast is calling for -- you guessed it! -- more snow!

    Poor Milo.

  19. Hi Susan.
    I so love hearing your stories since a year ago I bought a little farm myself. It's in southwest Michigan, where the lake effect snow is up to my knees. Here's a link to a picture from two weeks ago. There's even more now:

  20. That is the most beautiful view and will be so lovely to "feast" on from your new home. Looking forward to hearing more about your progress.

    It is mighty cold here out on the elbow of Cape Cod in MA today. Yesterday at noon we were walking on the beach at the edge of the Atlantic. It was about 44 degrees, as we turned to walk back, the sky was really black and a front was approaching. Just as we got in the car, rain/sleet/snow began to fall and we had a mini blizzard for about 30 minutes, temperatures started dropping and for the rest of the day we had a mini blizzard every hour or so while the temps plummeted to about 14 degrees with 30-40 MPH winds. Very cold today but we have sun which we have not seen much of over the past 2 weeks. When I came back to work after lunch, my cat was basking in the sun on a wide windowsill.
    I just love the donkey updates and cannot wait to see the baby!

  21. Clear skies here in Flagstaff, AZ for now... We don't have as many clouds here today but we still have loads of snow on the ground from our last snow storm... Burr!

  22. Hi Everybody,
    This is so great! This morning I checked comments on this post (right after I checked the weather) and shouted out to Joe, "People from all over the world are telling us about their weather! How cool is that?!"

    Yes, I know, I'm easily amused. But you gotta admit it's pretty neat how we can all communicate so easily from thousands of miles apart. ; )

    Amuse me - please keep those weather reports coming!

  23. From western Wyoming...
    Tonight: A 20 percent chance of snow showers before 11pm. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 17. Wind chill values as low as -1. Blustery, with a northwest wind between 23 and 26 mph, with gusts as high as 37 mph.

  24. A view like that can be fascinating and fabulous. In my neck of the woods, we just made it through another bitter cold snap and we're headed for more snow. The southern part of my state (including my daughter's college campus) will get a record amount of snow by the time spring rolls around.

  25. I love all of your farm photos. I check them out whenever I feel like going back home in my mind. Thank you for sharing.


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