Sunday, February 24

Farm Photo 2/24/08: Snowed In More

The 'No Accumulation' Just Keeps Piling Up

So the agreed upon plan was that yesterday the snow and ice would start melting off, today it would finish melting off, and by Monday morning vehicles would once again be able to get up and down our driveway. But when I sleepily padded by a window this morning I found myself blinking confusedly. Everything is a whole lot whiter out there than it was when I went to bed.

Phone call to the builder. Phone call to the drywall finisher. Phone call to the sheep shearer. Phone call to the general store in town where they've been holding a package for us since Wednesday.

Now I love Weather Underground as much as the next girl (actually probably more than the next girl), but once in a while you have to step away from the computer, take a look outside, and accept the fact that no matter what everybody in cyberspace is telling you, it most definitely is snowing. And accumulating.

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  1. I cannot believe you have had so much snow. I'll help you out, send a few flakes my way.

  2. That's a beautiful photo. Looks very cold out there. We have rain and mud here.

  3. Hi Susan,

    Thanks for your comment on my site. I was surprised and excited! Your farm is my inspiration!


  4. Wow! A blog after my own heart. How did it take me so long to find you? I grew up on a farm in Maine (ponies, horses, rabbits, turkeys, chickens and every stray dog in the area). I MISS IT SO MUCH! Thanks for making me feel like I can get a few glimpses of the life that I adore so much! PS I had to put the "D girls" up on my blog! They are irresistable!

  5. what a winter it's been! We might get more tonight, too. Or according to another source, it'll all go south of us, and Chicago will get pounded.

  6. Ohhhh...I love Weather Underground too. Except when they're wrong. So sorry!

  7. I love the hour by hour forecasts on So delusional. No one site (or weatherman for that matter) has ever been able to accurately predict the weather in any reliable way ever, but yet thinks they can do it by the hour.

    Come on folks, who do you think you're fooling? I can SEE that it's pouring rain right now. You mean to tell me that in five minutes, when the hands progress to the next hour, it's going to magically stop?


    Good luck with your snow day/week.


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