Friday, August 15

Friday Farm Photo: Trying To Blend by the Barn

But You Can't Hide from the Camera

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lizards don't do much leaping this time of year — but they don't do a whole lot of sitting still for pictures either. Of course their skittishness may be caused by the fact that a certain little kit kat keeps catching them and bringing them into The Shack — alive but usually tailless.


  1. Nice catch! "Nobody here but us fenceposts!"

  2. What lizard - you mean the fence post with an eye? Good shot Susan - we have a couple of lizards in our retaining wall - drives our rat terriers crazy since the lizards can get away so easily and aren't intimidated by barking at all!

  3. How nice that he posed for you! Beautiful picture, you are very talented.

  4. Stumbled upon your blog by accident looking for some recipes. This is really great stuff, I love the photos you take. The country life looks like a pretty good life.

  5. It looks like he's thinking, "If I'm still, she can't see me. That camera thingie? Just ignore it."

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  7. Am so glad to find your site - it's wonderful!

  8. Fantastic photo, fig - we don't have lizards here as far as I know. Very cool little guy! And sorry someone stole your material........


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