Monday, August 11

Winners of the Comfort Food Book Giveaway

Apparently the only thing it takes me longer to get around to doing on this blog besides announcing a book giveaway contest is announcing the winners of the contest (which, in this case, I randomly picked ages ago). So finally, congratulations to Barb and Tina F! You've each won a hardcover copy of Comfort Food and a handy dandy canvas totebag adorned with the beautiful book cover artwork.

In her entry comment Tina wrote: My favorite comfort food would probably be pasta. Clam spaghetti like my husband makes it or pasta carbonara. With a nice rich ice cream for dessert! And Barb said: Just reading the comments made me think, Yeah! That could be a favorite comfort food for me, too!, but I think my hands-down favorite comfort food would have to be a slice (only one???) of freshly-baked, homemade bread. Is there anything on earth better than that? Ladies, if you'll email me your mailing addresses (farmgirlfare AT gmail DOT com) I'll send you your prizes.

This was definitely the most entertaining contest I've held so far. Nearly 250 of you took the time to tell us about your favorite comfort foods, and some of you even shared recipes (thank you!). During the contest my mother sent me an e-mail message with the subject line of 209 comments!!!! and then wrote: Did a lot of people just want to talk about comfort food or really want to win the book?

I jokingly replied that it must be the totebag, but I do think she was onto something. I know that I never get tired of talking about comfort food.

As I mentioned before, I really enjoyed this book. And the audio version read by the amazing Barbaba Rosenblat is absolutely wonderful. While I was in the middle of listening to it I learned that Kate Jacobs' first novel, The Friday Night Knitting Club, is being made into a movie starring and produced by Julia Roberts, and I immediately realized what a fantastic movie Comfort Food could be. With the right cast and screenplay, I think it even has the potential to surpass my current favorite food movie (and one of my all time favorite films), Mostly Martha. Hopefully I'll have a chance to find out.

Many thanks to all of you who took part in the contest. I have several more fun foodie book giveaways planned so stay tuned. I'm sure I'll get around to announcing them one of these days. And my apologies to those of you in other countries who aren't able to participate in the contests, but I checked on some international postage rates and unfortunately it often costs more to mail the books than the books themselves cost!

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  1. OH MY GOODNESS!! I'd almost forgotten about the contest. Thank you so much! I'm really excited to be one of the winners. I can hardly wait to dig in to the book. I'm not sure how big the tote is but I bet I can use it to help me be a little "greener" at the grocery store. Thanks again! You've made my day. :)

  2. Acht! It's perfect that you wait until everyone's forgotten utterly about the contest... makes for a better surprise then!

    I'll definitely be checking this book out. Sounds like a keeper.

  3. oo - thanks for sharing the news about the Knitting Club movie! That will be fun. I just finished Comfort was fun, but it was a different feel...I was less emotionally was cool though, having lived in Westchester to imagine the locations...especially the weekend trip - how funny! If they make Comfort Food a movie, imagine how fun it would be to cast "Gare"! What a cameo that would be!

  4. I totally forgot about this, but in an interesting coincidence, am actually reading this book RIGHT NOW. Weird.

  5. Wow!!! I'm in total shock that I won!! I read your blog everyday and completely forgot about this contest - but I am beyond thrilled that I won! Thank you sooooooooo much!!!!!

    (Can you tell that I'm really excited about this?)

  6. Ooh! I'll look into the audio version for my (blind) son who loves recipes and food!

  7. How much fun, evey one is totaly surprised! And I found two more books to read and a movie to watch.What you said about sharing is so true.

    " where we believe the only thing better than discovering a wonderful new book is sharing your discovery with fellow book lovers."
    It is like getting a very special gift when I can actually, look up, check out, prepare, or share my self, some thing that others will find interesting. Thanks for sharing:)


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