Wednesday, August 13

Wednesday Daily Dose of Cute: Meet the Dog Day

Dolores and Esmeralda Inspect Lucky Buddy Bear

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© Copyright 2008, the award-winning blog where Esmeralda (who was just 6 days old when this photo was taken back on July 12th) is 100% donkey but has turned into quite the little attention hound. And yes, a baby donkey who runs right over whenever she sees you and can't get enough hugs and cuddles is definitely cause for some serious cute overload around here.


  1. Yes, yes, baby donkeys are cute, but . . . BEAR! Hello, my love! How nice to see your smiling face.

  2. Baby donkey cuddles should help make up for not being able to cuddle the puppies. Bonus: she looks to be the same size as the puppies =)

  3. So precious! Have you named the other little girl donkey yet?

  4. Donkey babies rule :o) Cuter than cute

    Best regards

  5. They are all so cute! Esmeralda is beautiful!

  6. Esmerelda, what a great name for a great little donkey!

  7. Bear looks almost embarrassed by the attention. Adorable little donkette - Esmeralda huh? excellent -

  8. Bear's got some serious competition! Those donkey eyes SLAY me.

  9. I never really thought about donkeys being cute... But they are! I want to give that donkey some hugs and kisses myself!


    Any dogs!

    Any pictures of anilmals is a-okay with me!

  11. Esmeralda is just adorable!

  12. I love the personalities in your photos! Animals are wonderful. I'm enjoying my Big Bunny this morning; she likes to sit by the open door and sniff the breeze. Simple pleasures for both of us.

  13. Hey Farm Girl! What every happened with the name of the other baby donkey? The other "e"? Did you pick a name? :-)

  14. Every time I swing by your blog, I'm surprised at how adorable the photos are, it's like each of your little animals has a personality of it's own...and I shouldn't be surprised because, like I said, it happens every time :)!

  15. Have you ever used donkeys as guardian animals? I love donkeys and would love to work with them. I am just not sure that they would be safe from predators too.

  16. So cute! You are lucky to have the room for all those critters!


  17. I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog. I grew up on a farm right outside of Charleston, SC and now live in Concord, farm! I miss living out in the open. I will be checking back by again. Oh and the blueberries look yummy.

  18. The extreme baby donkey cuteness has me in a major tizzy. What is it with baby animals?

    I was on vacation when two (2!)beautiful baby elephants were born at the Pittsburgh Zoo. I got 4 emails, from 4 completely separate people, who couldn't wait until I came back to tell me .

    You should see them, they are insanely cute.They are on the Pittsburgh Zoo website.

    Did you know that when a baby elephant is born, all the females in the herd trumpet? (A zookeeper told me that all the zookeepers trumpet, too.) After 20 some months gestation, a racket is definitely called for!


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