Monday, August 4

Monday Daily Dose of Cute: For Robin Fans

That's One Happy Little Dog!

Want to get to know Robin better?
The Story of How Robin Trotted Into My Life
6/15/05: Peek-a-Boo Beagle
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9/17/06: Hot Dog vs. Parched Pussycat
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11/24/06: Ear Flaps Up? Check.
2/24/07: Curious & Oblivious (aka Patchy Cat & Robin)
7/17/07: Haying Supervisor
9/13/07: One Hardworking Beagle
5/15/08: After Some Fluffy White Puppy Kisses

© Copyright 2008, the award-winning blog where, at nearly 12 years old, everybody's favorite beagle (well, except for that other one) may not be the mighty squirrel hunter and armadillo killer she once was, but she still enjoys the heck out of every minute—and we know that each day we have with her is precious.


  1. LOL, fruit and salad bar. What a great story!

  2. super cute - love that face!

  3. Hi Susan, I just discovered your site on sunday. Sadly, for my husband, I read a ton of your posts and the stories from the old farm. I found myself laughing out loud. I spent most of the day on and off the computer reading from your site.We enden up with b.l.t.s for dinner, Had to use some of those ripe tomatoes I have covering the counter!I live in arkansas on only 4 acres but have fallen in love with gardening and cooking. Would love to be able to live on a farm.I find your site truley a joy. i am anxious for more writings from you about the early days. I love your humor.PLEASE post more stories about the early farm days! Kim

  4. Good to see Robin again - she does have the biggest grin and looks perky for a mature gal. Hey Robin - wish you could come kill a 'dillo around our place!

  5. I drove through central MO last week and thought of you. It was beautiful country with the hills (I'm currently on the flat Plains). Robin is a doll. Love her as always. Last year I did a "year of pies" but this year, I'm contemplating jumping on the bread bandwagon. Only a year or two late :)

  6. What a happy, sweet face! Robin is a doll!

  7. Awwwww, cutest beagle ever! MWAH! [kisses Robin on nose]

  8. "Ear Flaps Up? Check" cracked me up. She has so much personality. what a sweetheart!

  9. Oh Robin is a cutey patooty.


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