Sunday, August 17

Sunday Farm Photo: Quiet for Breakfast

There's That Tranquil Morning Mist

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© Copyright 2008, the award-winng blog where we always enjoy the morning mist (especially in summer since the moisture saves the fields when the rainstorms continually go around us), but the photos are deceiving — everything looks so crisp and cool, but actually it's hot and muggy. It is, however, as quiet as it looks. Unless Cary is complaining about something. Or the rooster is crowing ('cause they don't just do it at dawn). Or Bear and Robin are barking. Or one of the hens is laying an egg. Or, god forbid, Donkey Doodle Dandy is upset. Okay, so maybe it's not so quiet around here after all. But at least this is the kind of noise we don't mind hearing!


  1. Ohhhh. Makes me miss MO:(

  2. Hi Susan,
    I just found your blog and you can be sure that I've already added it to my favorite sites listing. I'm originally from Iowa so I'm looking for midwestern bloggers. People in the midwest are so friendly and I miss that quality were I live now. I've already checked your recipes for blueberry breakfast bars, the orange yogurt cake and the emergency chocolate cake! Thanks for giving me a good laugh when you describe the chocolate cake fiasco! Been there,done it, and it took forever to clean it up (the mess)! LOL Now, try to imagine many years ago when I was learning to cook for my new DH. I found out the hard way that you never, neVER, NEVER put hot water and a package of Jello in a plastic container with a snap on lid... and then shake it. WhooHoo...what a mess that explosion was...I even scraped it off of the ceiling!!! Anyway, I'll be checking in frequently for some tasty recipes and some good old farm stories. Oh yes, those misty mornings... they really are muggy hot mornings aren't they! LOL
    Hugs, Aunt Bea

  3. We can get a feel for being aqua-man during our "moist" mornings!Almost need gills some days! Picture is wonderful - love the honesty about how noisy it is in the country. Neighbors have a distant cousin of Dandy Dan's - what a racket he can raise!

  4. Hi Susan ~ Love the photo!! However, I don't love the hot, humid weather - we get that in Michigan, but I understand that's it's much, much worse in MO! So...guess I'll just enjoy the idyllic pictures. Hope your weather breaks soon for you.

  5. And there's that wonderful swing....what a great, tranquil photo.

  6. Ahhhhh. It does look so crisp and cool there. I live on the west coast and it's even been muggy here. Yuck. Luckily you didn't capture that in your photo.

  7. Definitely looks crisp and cool and fresh and brisk and all of those adjectives that do not apply where I live. Beautiful picture!

  8. What a gorgeous photo. You make Missouri look so inviting!

  9. Add South Texas to the list of the muggies with the temperature in the high nineties and sometimes over a hundred. But, if I couldn't stand it, I wouldn't live here. Right? It is good for the complection, or so I am told.

    The picture is beautiful.

    By the way, how is the bakery coming along? Is a Grand Opening in the near future?

  10. I think it is no coincidence that hot and humid start with the same letter as hell. My condolences on your weather.

  11. What a beautiful photo! It takes my breath away. Love your blog!


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