Wednesday, August 27

Wednesday Daily Dose of Cute:
You Just Roll With It, Baby

Taking A Little Donkey Dust Bath Before Naptime

© Copyright 2008, the award-winning blog where Daphne's baby girl (who now has an adorably fluffy face) still likes to race around at top speed, but once in a while she does stop and take a cleaning break. We're probably going to name her Evie (pronounced Eee-vee) but still haven't decided yet for sure, since you offered up so many wonderful 'E' name suggestions.


  1. So sweet! I still favor Ella, as in cinder. Or Ellie May. Edna, as in Ferber? She's a showboat!

  2. I love the name! That was going to be our last babys name if it were a girl. But instead we got Evan our fourth baby boy, lol. We call him Evey.

  3. They are so cute! I do like the name!

  4. don't you just want to reach out and rub that belly!? i've never been around a donkey before, but I have two whippets right now showing their bellies and would love a little rubbing. Do donkeys enjoy the same??

  5. I have now officially overdosed on cute! (And stayed up way too long reading back!) Now that I'm hooked, I'll definitely be back for a daily dose. 'Specially the donkey doses. Whatever you decide to call her... Evita, Emmy-Lou, Evangeline, Elena, Earlene... she's the most adorable thing I've seen all month. 8-]

  6. I maintain that there is nothing cuter than an animal squirming around on its back on the ground. It's the epitome of happy abandonment.

  7. So nice to see both of them...thanks.
    Will you keep them both?

  8. I vote yes for Evie - my grandmother's name was Evangeline. It's a very pretty name.

    tortie kitty mom

  9. I love the name you've tenatively chosen. Evie, so pretty.

    I've never been around donkeys or any livestock for that matter, I didn't realize how cute and full of personality they would be.

    Thanks for the great picture, it definitely made me smile. ;-)

  10. AH - that must feel good. Too cute!

  11. That is the sweetest thing! I didn't know donkeys could be so cute! Makes me wanna cuddle up with one - haha. (My husband's uncle has one but he's very, very old.. and not so cute lol)


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