Sunday, August 24

Sunday Daily Dose of Cute:
You Can't Fence In A Farm Cat

Sarah Kate Slips Right Through While Out on Patrol

Want to see more pussycat pics?
Sarah Kit Kat Kate
Patchy Cat
New Cat
Molly Doodlebug (aka The Doodle Monster)
(Sorry, no photos up yet of Mr. Midnight & Sylvester)

© Copyright 2008, the award-winning blog where this was supposed to be a new recipe post (with accompanying story of course) but it isn't quite finished yet (what always takes so long?), so we figured the least we could do was toss out a Daily Dose of Cute in the interim. And besides, the cats have been severely under-represented in the Daily Dose of Cute department—which is pretty bad since we have eight of them. Of course maybe if the Daily Doses of Cute actually appeared on a daily basis. . .


  1. I need to rent some cats. Here in the hood around the OSU campus we are having an issues with Rattus norvegicus. Dogs are no help!

  2. Hi Susan,
    Love your blog. I was wondering when you will be doing more with cooking again? Also gardening? I love your recipe's, but there hasn't been as many as last year! Thank's keep up the great work.

  3. 8 cats! I can hardly keep up with two cats. Someone is always sulking cause they didn't get petted enough. Do you hire in help?

    PS I miss the "the award-winning blog" part

  4. My cats are jealous. They wanted to be farm cats but got stuck with me in the city. They can only dream about rabbits and squirrels. Best not to show them this picture!

  5. I'd be sneezin' up a storm at your place. They sure are cute though.

  6. I read your profile, you are a very courageous lady, packing up and moving to the middle of nowhere the way you did. Love you blog!

  7. Haha...great capture!

  8. "Of course maybe if the Daily Doses of Cute actually appeared on a daily basis. . ." - oh my goodness - do you mean like EVERY day? that is more than one would expect - perhaps more cuteness than one could handle! LOL - I enjoy whatever you "put up" for us - always something going on in your world that seems more interesting than what is going on in mine (I'm clearing out closets and drawers - BORING!)
    BTW yellow dog - I have dogs called Rat Terrorists - I mean terriers - Jack Rusells are also fierce ratters - just in case the cat thing and the norwegian rat thing doesn't work out.

  9. I just read your copyright notice froma few days ago and wanted to chime in. I love it! I was reading for a few months before I realized it was different every day and I just love to see what little tidbit it will include.

  10. Eight cats! I am going crazy this summer babysitting my son's two cats for a month while he is off on a camping adventure, and with my two that is only four cats. Of course, I think cats are a little easier to take when they can go outside. Mine are strictly indoor babies and that makes for some fussing and feuding when the cat relatives visit. Love your blog.

  11. Now I have "Don't Fence Me In" running through my head. :)

  12. Well isn't it nice that they designed hog panel just for cats. They can get to any location through the perfect size squares. Sarah Kate is demonstrating the perfect technique isn't she.

  13. thanks for the 'outdoor cat' pics! yesterday i went through your blog to meet ALL of your cats (and read all of your cary posts as well!). i had to say goodbye to my kitty of 16yrs last month...(see photos my Reina was originally indoor/outdoor, but w/our move to the city 4 yrs ago, she wrestled with the indoor(mostly) life. she so longed for those wide open spaces that your cats so enjoy! :)i hope they realize how lucky they are!

  14. Great photo of the ever elusiveness of the cat!

  15. That is a cute photo of the kitty. I don't go outside anymore. I was outside and lost once, and I nearly died in the freezing weather until these people found me under a bush.


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