Wednesday, June 17

Wednesday Dose of Cute: Moving Beyond Baby Animals

To Baby Carrots!

© 2009, the fresh veggie craving foodie farm blog where you know we love soft and cuddly animals at least as much as the next person does, but you gotta admit that these St. Valery and Atomic Red carrots are pretty darn cute—considering they're vegetables and all.


  1. Hey Farmgirl:

    I LOVE YOUR BLOG--I think you are living the dream....

    I just started an Italian food blog at

    Check it out!


  2. Susan, you are truly a girl after my own heart. I am always calling vegetables "cute," especially little spring veggies like your carrots. Or those sweet little red spring onions they call "torpedoes." Or a miniature head of heirloom speckled lettuce. Or peas in a pod. People look at me funny, but I don't care. They're cute! :)

  3. From one Farmgirl to another, I must say you sound alot like me. I adore baby animals and have several, goats, calves and chicks. I get all excited over my harvests of fresh veggies too. I do, however, have the cutest little eggs from my Banthams. A few months ago I was collecting eggs and found two eggs the size of marbles. They would not crack like a normal egg and were hollow. This was the pullets first laying. I have them as a decorative item in my kitchen and always show them off when company comes. They are just the cutest. Check out and for pics of my animals and products.

  4. Actually - they are pretty cute! I've never seen a red carrot - I want to try one - do they taste the same?

  5. Cute -...and just beautiful! Those carrots are so gorgeous I could just kiss them. Yum, yum, too!

  6. Hello, just want to say hi as I visit your lovely life regularly and want to give you this:

  7. Lovely carrots! I went the multicolored carrot route a few years ago, but in this clay soil - even amended - there are only a few varieties of carrots that do well in Alabama.

    However, you've given me an idea: I need to try them again this fall in my raised beds!

  8. I've never in my life have seen a red carrot. How beautiful, great site.

  9. I love carrots! Red carrots, yellow carrots, orange carrots and carrots that are two colors and can't decide on a scheme!

    Yours look mighty tasty!

    And yes, they are cute. :)

  10. looking at your blog makes me wish I was a farm girl! I love it! I also think I will be subscribing to your blog!


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