Friday, July 24

Friday Dose of Cute: We Have a New Farm Cat!

Say Hello to Whiskers

Want to meet the rest of our kitten caboodle?
Mr. Midnight
Sarah Kit Kat Kate
Patchy Cat
Molly Doodlebug (aka The Doodle Monster)

© Copyright 2009, the feline filled foodie farm blog where it took this former indoor city cat a while to get used to his new surroundings (he spent much of his first two months here hiding in a closet), but now he has a cozy covered porch—complete with above-dog-level railing—to (mostly) call his own, a cool corner spot under The Shack where he can keep an eye on everything while still feeling safe, a secret passageway connecting these two places, and a best bud named Mr. Midnight. Whiskers appears to love his new farm cat life almost as much as we love him.


  1. Oh, Whiskers is charming!! How did he happen to get so lucky and get to come live with you? Do tell us his story!

    May he have a wonderful, adventure-filled life with all of you!

  2. looks a little norwegian forest kittie-ish. Very nice. I wonder what he'll do in the winter and then in the following spring (I mean what he'll look like...).

  3. Nice cat: looks like my Ludwig (a fully urbanized cat like me).

    Love the blog. Photographs; real understanding of the place of everything in nature; *recipes*.

    I'll be back.

    PS: Brenda VanWie (AdirondackMetal) gave you a shout on Twitter yesterday.

  4. I think I'm in love. Whiskers is a very sweet looking cat.

  5. I do love your feline infestations! Handsome Mr. Whiskers and he has indeed landed in a pot of jam (so to speak) by finding his spot under the porch and in your hearts. Well done Mr. Whiskers - long live the new kat!

  6. A lovely cat!! Congratulations!!! Have a great weekend!

  7. What a doll. He looks just like our Casey. Gray tigers have always been my favorite.

  8. Congrats on your new farm buddy! It looks friendly.

  9. Linda in Maryland7/24/2009 4:36 PM

    Whiskers is a great looking cat. I love his eyes! He's one lucky cat. How did that city boy end up in the country?

  10. Pretty cat. How did he manage to come and live with you?

  11. Whiskers is such a hansome dude. I really feel sorry for city cats that have to stay in all the time. I understand that a barn cats lifetime may be shortened due to accidents and predators, but they are so much happier hunting. Oreo, our Tuxedo cat found a burrow of baby moles and went to town. He ate them like m&m's. Gross, but he was so happy I swear he smiled at me.

  12. how cute! What's the story? :-)

  13. It's always nice to meet a new kitty. Beautiful new farm cat!

  14. Hello Whiskers, aren't you cute!

    Looks like a cat my mom had once!


  15. Definitely a handsome kitty! I am pleased to see you have even more cats than me :) x

  16. He is adorable..I love cats !

    I have 2 indoor..Whiskey Sour and Dandelion..and 2 strays, that are now mine..Pixie Girl and Mumbie.

    Cats are the BEST...I love watching them catch the late afternoon sun sitting in my corn patch. Plus, I have to mention my red toy poodle, Butterscotch. He's watching me !

  17. Whiskers ia a great looking cat! He looks very happy at his new home.


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