Sunday, July 19

Sunday Dose of Cute: Vision Problems

Seeing Spots

And Double!

You Can Clearly See We're Surrounded by Wildlife:
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© Copyright 2009, the no need for The Nature Channel foodie farm blog where even the extremely frustrated, doesn't like to share her harvest gardener in me (the one who thinks deer look best on a dinner plate) loves to watch these adorable twin fawns running and romping around in the hayfield.


  1. Those little ones are just too cute for anyone to eat.

  2. Seeing the does with their fawns bring me back to last Spring when a doe laid her fawn in my backyard. I thought for sure the little one was abandoned- I had a lot to learn....In any given late evening, it is not unusual to see a dozen deer standing in my driveway. For crying out loud, I live in a sub division in North Florida -laugh.


  4. Awe, they are so cute and precious!

  5. The deer are so cute but a real hazard when I drive to work at 0330 each morning. Thank God for the sonar equipment on my car; it gets their attention so they lift their heads and I can see the shiny eyes before I am too close. I never exceed 60 km/hr so I can stop suddenly. I have had deer snift my car as I am at a dead stop in order to let them cross the road.

  6. I don't remember seeing deer pictures here before. What a great sight, but oh what a job they can do on your vegetables!


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