Saturday, July 4

Saturday Dose of Cute: The Dog Days of Haying Season

Our hay stacking supervisors: it's a rough job, but thankfully they were up to the challenge.

Wishing you an enjoyable and relaxing 4th of July!

©, the planning for winter mealtimes during summer foodie farm blog where this year's big hot haying adventure is finally over (hooray! more photos soon), and at one point we had 7 four-footed critters supervising our stacking abilities—not to mention Rooster Daddy crowing his opinions from the sidelines. You're never alone on the farm—though you're often the only one actually working.


  1. Well. Good thing Bear was there to supervise. Otherwise, you probably never would have finished.

  2. What a great photo - Love your doggies! Hope you had a wonderful 4th of July!!

  3. Ah yes, dogs are always the most diligent supervisors!
    I love following your blog, especially since I cannot have a farm of my own (yet!). Keep posting those great pictures!

  4. Ah, supervisors are known for hardly working rather than working hard.

  5. I have been sporadically visiting your blog for a couple of months now...thought it was time to say "hello." ☺

    Love your pictures, your writing, and also I wanted to send you a HUGE thank you for posting all those delicious recipes!!! I know how time consuming that can be and I truly appreciate it. I am planning on making the rosemary and raising loaf next week end. Looks SO good!

    Take care,

  6. Your hay looks so nice. I think I'm coveting your hay. Darn. We still have rain, rain, rain.

  7. Congratulations on a job well done!

  8. May I ask what kind of a JDhaybalemaker you've got ?
    I make bales at 70 degr N in Norway with a JD 332A. And I LOVE the work (and maybe in the heat and with MANY mosqitoes I hate it a little bit..)and the feeling just standing there looking at the stables..mmm. Good luck to you and the sheep during the coming feedingseason.

  9. Susan, I look forward to receiving updates in my email box from you blog.

    So I awarded you the Honest Scrap Award, because I love your blog!

  10. Being a farm dog is hard work - thank goodness this bunch is up to it!

  11. Hot hot hot job. But I loved haying season when I was a kid! Especially if I'd get to drive the truck! I felt so important. ;)

  12. I just found your blog and I have to say that I am a little jealous of your lifestyle. We live in the city and try to capture little bits here and there of a simpler life.


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