Monday, July 27

Monday Dose of Cute: Mama Love

Daphne and Her New Baby Boy

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© Copyright 2009, the happy we're in babyland foodie farm blog where this curious little guy finally (three days felt like an eternity!) allowed me to pet the top of his sweet head this morning. It is so incredibly soft.


  1. I've known quite a few donkeys, but have never seen a baby! Lovely. So glad to hear from you over at my place.

    I was so thrilled when you left a comment about Emmy's breakfast being in a Bunnykins bowl. I was hoping someone would comment. Bunnykins bowls are a tradition in our family, everyone gets one when they are born. Emmy is 8 years old and still uses it regularly for breakfast!

  2. Adorable baby and pretty mama! Lately I have been seeing lots of donkeys/burros, mini donkeys in New England and am completely enamored wit them. When I was young--a million years ago--my family owned a burro named Pancho. I loved him, too.

    Your blog is terrific and I thank you for sharing cuteness--especially for those of us who no linger live in the country.

  3. Have you come up with a name for this cute little guy? He's adorable.

  4. I know you'd mentioned wishing for a little girl but any healthy baby is adorable!

  5. [POOF!]

    Sorry. I just exploded from the cute.

  6. Very adorable, i love how the picture shows them lovingly nuzzling one another!

  7. fairywingstoys7/28/2009 10:25 AM

    Hi Susan!
    I've thoroughly been enjoying your blog, as well as sharing it with friends, for quite some time now! Your photos put a great big grin on my face, and set me to wishing for a country life of my own...the same life I so dreadfully wanted to get away from as a teenager!
    I did have a question for you. Any chance that I could purchase a few photos? My mom would love a few of them (and so would I)and I thought they would make a lovely gift for her. You may e-mail me directly at
    If not, that is certainly fine, but I thought it couldn't hurt to ask!

    Thank you so much for your time, and the joy you spread!!!


  8. Oh, the little one is so cute!

  9. Do you use the donkeys for work around the farm, or are they just there for the cuteness?
    love your blog.

  10. I had a dream about a baby donkey last night. It was following me down the hallway of my grade school, playfully chewing on my elbow. How weird is that!

  11. What an adorable baby. Has he brayed yet? What a sweet sound.


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