Tuesday, July 7

Tuesday Dose of Cute: Happy Birthday Esmeralda!

It's the Big One! (And Only One Day Late)

Dolores and Baby Esmeralda Then. . .

And Now. That Baby Has Sure Grown Up—and into Her Ears!

Feel like taking a look back at Esmeralda's first year?
7/9/08: It's a Birthday Girl!
8/13/08: Meet the Dog Day
8/26/08: Nap Time for Esmeralda
8/27/08: You Just Roll With It, Baby
9/22/08: Bonding with Her Baby
9/26/08: Are Those Donkey Treats in that Bucket?
10/4/08: Cleanup Crew
10/10/08: Getting to Know You
11/29/08: Thirsty Girls
1/10/09: Let's Get Together, Yeah Yeah Yeah
2/2/09: Icy Looks
2/7/09: Being Watched
2/11/09: Are You Ready for the Great Backyard Bird Count?
3/5/09: Last Snow Photo of the Season
4/23/09: Creek's Up!
5/4/09: What Donkey Girls Do During Lambing Season

Love looking at longears? You'll find more donkey photos here and here, plus lots of links to Donkey Doodle Daddy photos here (all taken before his daddy days, back when he was the only donkey on the farm).

© Copyright 2009 FarmgirlFare.com, the hee hawing (they really do say that) foodie farm blog where before that fateful phone call from the donkey peddling cowboy several years ago, the idea of owning a donkey had never even crossed my mind, and yet now I can't imagine life without them. If you need more laughs in your life, I highly recommend acquiring a donkey—or a whole herd of them!


  1. Happy Birthday! She looks gorgeous.

  2. Happy Birthday! You know, thanks to your blog, I'm always telling my husband how adorable donkeys are and that we should get a couple. He does not agree. Haha!

  3. Hello. I love all your photos. Your donkeys are darling. Owning a donkey is on my to do list when we finally get settled down and buy a farm. Until then, I guess I will just have to enjoy the photos of yours. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  4. Happy Birthday Esmeralda!!! What a little sweetheart.....I would LOVE to acquire a donkey or two..how are they to take care of? I would love some helpful advice :)

    Have a great day & thanks so much.

  5. Adorable, the ears are irresistible.

  6. She sure is cute. I enjoy seeing your blog with all the different animals you have. I bet they all keep you very busy.

  7. I love your donkey pictures, but according to my 14 month old granddaughter, they are "dogs." She divides the animal kingdom into birds, cats, or dogs, and donkeys, I guess, are just big eared dogs.

  8. Wow!, Happy Birthday Esi, you've gotten so big!! And so cute!!

  9. CountryMidwife7/08/2009 7:59 PM

    That first pic KILLS me, just KILLS me! The cutest thing I've ever seen save the little Amish toddler dwarves running around in only diapers....

  10. Hi,
    I've just found your blog! I have no idea how I got here lol...but I did enjoy reading about Esmeralda. We adopted a donkey for our son when he was little...from a santuary & we used to take him to visit..it's so nice to see healthy animals living with people who love them!
    thank you for sharing :0)

  11. You make me want a donkey!

  12. Happy Birthday! He has her eyes.

  13. I love them! I have wanted a donkey for the longest time. I have a barn and yard for one but...Are they easy to take care of? Can I only get one or do they do better in pairs? I even have names picked out!!!I will just have to enjoy yours for now. Too cute!

  14. I do love donkeys. When we visit Cripple Creek, CO it is a special treat to see the wandering herd of donkeys in town. They are supposedly descendants of the donkeys that worked in and around the gold mines back in the day. At one time Cripple Creek had about 500 mines. Don't worry - volunteers do feed the donkey herd. It is a small one.

    Have a great day!


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