Wednesday, July 15

Wednesday Dose of Cute: Getting Ahead. . .


And Staying in Line

I Love the Black Sheep Best! (Except for my baby Cary, of course):
11/18/05: Frosted Snugglebunny
4/8/06: BB and Her Newborn Baby
4/28/06: Snugglebunny's Twin Girls Always Stay Together
6/27/06: Snugglebunny's Twin Girls Heading Out for Breakfast
7/10/06: BB and Her Mother Tana Are Always Together
9/30/06: Seeing Double
2/9/07: I Love Black Sheep! (Sheep Shearing Photos)
3/14/07: Tana and Her Baby Boy, First Morning Outside
3/20/07: All Booked Up at the Bonding Suite Inn!
5/13/07: The Tail of Two Mothers: A Mother's Day Story from the Farm
10/11/07: Living by the Light
12/5/07: Spy Sheep
4/4/08: Anybody Need an Experienced Sheep Dryer?
4/20/08: Raa Raa Black Sheep! Another Black Baby Lamb
10/2/08: Gossip Central
4/3/09: Black Babes for Black Beauty
4/14/09: Too Cute for Words?
6/9/09: Stop, Look, and Listen

© Copyright 2009, the finally remembered to switch to the new summer header foodie farm blog where so far these two Suffolk/Katahdin crosses (who also have a little black Border Leicester thrown in from my very first ram 13 years ago) look like they're going to keep their color. As you can see in the top photo, one has a slight brown tint to her coat now, but considering that their mother, BB, is a true black sheep (these days she looks grey but there's jet black wool underneath), and most of the spotted lambs have bleached out already, chances are good these twin girls are going to stay black. Hooray!


  1. Aww, those guys are adorable!

  2. Would it be wrong for me to say, "Bah bah black sheep"?

    Because, come on, that is the perfect photo.

    So stunning, these black sheep of yours.

  3. OK, I'm confused. The previous link to BB and her black baby shows (and talks about) only one baby. How did she end up with 2?

  4. Hi Kristin,
    Now if only these two offish little cuties were the friendly, snuggling type - especially since I'd be able to look at one while cuddling the other. I just have to be content to adore them from afar. :)

    Hi Finny,
    It would be very fitting for you to say that. I really do have a soft spot for the black ones - they just look so neat. And cute of course! ; )

    Hi Jan,
    Didn't mean to confuse you. Same mom, different lambing season. ; )

  5. Hi Susan,

    As always your daily dose of cute is irresistible!

    When you have a chance please stop by If the Trees Had Ears to pick up your Honest Scrap Award.


  6. What a cute picture. Did mom tell them to get back in line or did they know they where out of line....

  7. awwww, so cute. the black color is beautiful, being a hand spinner, i can't help but wonder what their wool would look like spun up!

    thank you so much for leaving a comment. my son has a strong affinity for chickens, and some how he manages to be able to pick them up, they aren't afraid to be around him! and he is super gentle with them.

    maybe they know he has special needs, and a visit with chickens always makes my son goes bonkers!

  8. I love the captions on your photos. I can hear the lambs saying Maaaam with true concern in thier voice. I hope they stay truly black for you. Maybe you could get them snazzy sheep coats like they have at the fairs when they are showing :)

  9. I so enjoy catching up with what is going on at the farm. Love the black sheep. Great shots!

  10. I love to see your sheep! They are so sweet.


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