Tuesday, July 21

Tuesday Farm Photo: Caution, Love Underfoot

Watch Where You Walk

Want more love in your life? Links to lots more heart rock photos here.

© Copyright 2009 FarmgirlFare.com, the set in stone foodie farm blog where most of the several hundred heart rocks I've found around the farm are now piled up on a stone ledge along the front wall of The Shack, but once in a while I leave them exactly where they were discovered—like this one that I spotted while walking with Bear along the ridge road above the farm.


  1. A couple months ago, I pulled out a potato that looked just about like that! I took a photo of it since I couldn't keep it. Dh wanted to eat it for dinner... lol

  2. I love the heart rock, i found one on the beach recently on a short break after having a miscarriage, i took it as a sign and keep it with me now.

  3. i love your heart rocks! it must feel like such a treasure to just stumble upon. i've never found one, but i'm always on the lookout.

  4. I am always searching for heart rocks too, but in all the years I have only found two, and one of them my little boy threw back. I LOVE your collection and it gives me motivation to keep searching.

    (Ms B., many hugs to you.)

  5. Don't you just love when you find things like this. We had a paint horse once that had a white heart on his rump.


  6. Susan, in your spare time (LOL - cause I know you don't have any), some of those would make a great mosiac walkway or patio.

    Seriously, it would really be neat to see them used with all the different sizes mingled together to look like a patchwork quilt.


  7. My husband and I have a plant that we call the 'marriage plant' as we keep it in the 'marriage corner' according to feng shui principles, and have carried it with us with each move. Recently, it started sprouting heart-shaped leaves!

  8. I just discovered your blog and I love it! I too am a transplant. I grew up in St. Joseph MO, which is considered small town by many, but now live with my farmer husband on 86 acres in Savannah. We raise a few chickens and some cows as well as hay and row crops. There is always an adventure to be had. I will add your blog to my blog roll.

  9. Glad to read you left that one...it may not have looked like a heart at all once unearthed. I really love your heart rocks, they give me a little thrill when your page opens and it's a heart rock.

  10. Love your heart rocks! Came across a heart strawberry, of all things, a few weeks ago and thought of you. Hope all is well!

  11. All those heart rocks that you find around your farm must mean something very special for a very special place and it's very special inhabitants! Truly a gift for all of you. Again, thank you for sharing it with the rest of us.

    (Ms. B. Thrift - our prayers go out to you!)

  12. I have a friend who has a pretty nice heart rock collection..me and my luck, however are another story.And although I ADORE them...I have NEVER found ONE !

    I'll try and keep my chin up.

    I just love Farm Girl so Much.
    Thanks for so MANY HAPPY DAYS !

    Kindest Regards,

  13. I love your blog and stumbled on it while looking up how to freeze zucchini. We love heart shaped rocks and my husband and son are always looking for them to give me. I have several that they have found! Great blog...it will take me weeks to read it all but I plan to try! One of my hobbies is finding a good blog and reading it completely then staying updated.

  14. ah, heart rocks!! how i love them! God's love shown in His creation!!! thanks for sharing!

  15. I've found quite a few heart rocks over the years. I am quite a rock-hound. Funny thing is, it's never occurred to me to keep them! Thanks for the idea and I'm sorry to hear about the cold. We've got it here also. Brrr. The critters don't seem to mind.


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