Thursday, February 25

Thursday Dose of Cute: Happy Sheep

And happy stock dog

Lucky Buddy Bear is half English Shepherd and half Australian Shepherd. He lives to work, loves his sheep, and really loves little lambs:
3/5/06: You Can Add Babysitting to Bear's Job Description
6/18/06: What Happens After a Rainstorm
8/17/06: The Destructive Duo (aka Cary and The Nanny Bear)
10/1/06: He Looks More Like a Bodyguard than a Nanny Bear
12/6/06: On Duty in the Kitchen Garden

Gang Activity
A Lot of Love on the Farm
Dog Inspection (and how Bear and I tuck in the sheep at night)
9/30/07: It's a Stock Dog's Life

A Tender Scene—and the Whole Picture
4/18/08: Cary and The Nanny Bear in the Greenhouse
4/22/08: Bear the Babysitter (Among Other Things)
5/20/08: Bear Loves Babies!
5/21/08: Better Than Kisses
6/10/08: Another Bear Inspection
10/29/08: Lookin' for Love

1/13/09: Stand by Your Lamb
Lambing Season Has Begun! (and The Nanny Bear is ready to assist)
4/9/09: Oh, You Big Baby

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  1. Your dog is very cute ^,,^

  2. I'm staying in a hotel/farm in the Netherlands tonight and they don't have any stock dogs (though there is an exuberant setter on the property). Just getting to wander by the goats, horses, and deer (yes, tame deer) makes me envy your farm even more than usual ;)

  3. What a happy smile he has!

  4. What a doll. I'm in love.


    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  5. BEEEAAR!!!

    If ever a dog could be said to be smiling, that one is.

  6. What a nice dog! Bet he takes good care of the sheep.

  7. gotta love those little lambs!

  8. What a sweet little pup! He looks happy, in charge of his flock.


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