Friday, March 4

Friday Dose of Cute: Best Buds

Hello! If a Disney movie preview ad about aliens popped up in the middle of the screen during your farm visit, I apologize. It's not supposed to be there. Yeah, it scared the donkeys, too—but please don't tell them I told you.

Best Buds Bert and Bear 2 - Farmgirl Fare

Best Buds Bert and Bear 3 - Farmgirl Fare

Best Buds Bert and Bear 4 - Farmgirl Fare

Best Buds Bert and Bear 5 - Farmgirl Fare

Best Buds Bert and Bear 6 - Farmgirl Fare

Best Buds Bert and Bear 7 - Farmgirl Fare

Wishing you a relaxing weekend in the company of someone you love.

The Daily Donkey 27: Joe and Snow in Donkeyland

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  1. I love your blog! Every morning when I have my coffee I hop on the computer to review my blogs and your ALWAYS makes me smile and feel warm inside. It probably helps that I'm an animal lover. Thank you for brightening my day each morning.

  2. Oh, I love upside-down dogs! They always look so happy!

  3. I love Bear's seemingly endless love of other animals. He seems to not have a sour bone in his body. Sometimes puppies can make older dogs grumpy, but this does look like true doggie love! So sweet!!

  4. Bert and Bear have become my buds too. Thanks.

  5. Such great pix.

    Can you even remember life on the farm before Bert? He seems to be involved in everything!! And he and Bear seem to be so happy to be together. Thanks for sharing these with us.

  6. Nothing like a puppy to make an older dog feel & act young again!

  7. Hey just want to echo what JRmom said-I tune in every night after long and often stressful days to see what you guys are up to, because it usually puts a smile on my face-you have become enough of our routine here that my husband asks from time to time "Hey how is Farmgirl doing? Anything new with the donkeys or the dogs????" So if you ever wonder why you do this blog (not that I think you would because it has been pretty wonderfully successful), you have created a community of people who share your ups and downs. Cheers and hopes for a long and gorgeous spring there. PS, for a year now, have made my own bread weekly thanks to you!

  8. Love to see happy animals. The young bring out the best in us. I feel the same way as Bear feels for Bert about my grandchildren.
    Question, this probably has been asked many times before but I'm asking again, if you don't mind. Why did you start collecting donkeys? I never knew they had personalities as depicted in your pictures. Please keep them coming.

  9. Jackie Cohen3/07/2011 7:02 AM

    It is nice to see that even in pictures it appears that Bert's tail does not hurt any more (lack of tail )I had to have a cat's tail removed down to the last spinal vertebrae. Intead of looking like a Manx she actually had a depression at the end because of the missing spinal vertebra that was removed. The broken tail could have, in our case, been life threatening, and it was painful. Glad to see Bert looks out of pain in all positions.

  10. Glad to hear they are gettin along so well.


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