Monday, March 14

Monday Dose of Cute: What To Do If Breakfast Is Late

Breakfast is late 1
Start eating trees. . .

Breakfast is late 2

Breakfast is late 3

Breakfast is late 4

Breakfast is late 5
Break through the fence. . .

Breakfast is late 6

Breakfast is late 7
And practice your dirty looks.

The Daily Donkey 37: Daphne and Two Week Old Evie

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  1. Best pix ever! Poor little shorned lambies.

  2. Naked Sheep Eat Trees... could be a headline somewhere! And I do love the dirty looks!

  3. Thank you for the giggles!! : )

    And, I agree, Naked Sheep Eat Trees would make a great headline.


  4. Our trees all are trimmed up to specific level - the level a hungry goat can reach standing on her hind legs! Yep Nekkid Sheep Eat Trees is a very clever title.

  5. Baaad Baaaaaad Sheep (I"m sure no one has ever written that before). :-)

  6. Sure, sheep climbing trees is cute. Until a 200 pound sheep climbs a somewhat small apple tree and smashes it to death.

    Not that I'm still bitter about that appletree, OH NO.

  7. baaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaa! that is great! thanks for the belly laugh :)

  8. That reminds me of the 8 horses we have who get 2 meals a day and still act like they've never been fed.

  9. How cute! They wanted their meal. LOL Just like our dog comes in around 4pm and starts poking me with her nose telling me it's time to get out in the kitchen and fix her something to eat.

  10. Ho, ho. Clever sheep. We'd do this too if we were hungry :)
    So much joy on this blog.

  11. Lol! I can't seem to find the time to eat breakfast before I head off to work. If I only I could chomp on a tree en route.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving comments. They were really lovely to read. I do hope you'll pop back again. xxx

  12. That's funny! I received a calender as a yule gift called "Goats in Trees". It has goats actually in the trees eating!

  13. Amazing how sheep will stretch so far for green food


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