Thursday, March 31

Thursday Dose of Cute: Playing the Pregnant Waiting Game

Playing the Pregnant Waiting Game 1

What exactly are we waiting for?!

I'm definitely ready.

The Daily Donkey 54: Dan in Lamb Land

©, the big, bold, beautiful, and for some, barely able to breathe at this point foodie farm blog where we'll be bouncing around in Babyland very soon, but in the meantime, the pregos just keep waddling to and from the feed troughs—and making the funniest uncontrollable noises.


  1. But at least we know Bear will be there when the lambs arrive. That makes us all feel better. Can I borrow him next year for our lambing season?

    I was very sorry, by the way, to read about Martha's death. Though it does sound as if she was sassy and happy till the end.

  2. Little Miss Brown Knees made me giggle.

    I feel bad for them. I remember what it was like to carry a single baby in my belly the days before birth. At times, it really was hard to breathe. I can't imagine having something as large as one, or possibly two, lambs in the belly.

  3. Those dear girls! Despite their girth, they do remain as cute as ever, though. Bet there will be some pretty cute offspring there soon!

  4. I enjoy it when our critters are nearly into delivery time - they do stare at their hindquarters and make odd noises as if saying "come on - all right all ready I'm done with this part". Will be interesting to see how the new dog takes to lambing season

  5. Gives new meaning to the term "double-wide." Can't wait to see all the little lambies!

  6. Whoo!Hoo! New babies to love!!! And I'll just bet that Bert will be in the thick of things. Looking forward to all the new babies!

    Best wishes to all of you!!

  7. Finny! You're such a cute and robust looking pregnant gal! The photos of these big ladies from the rear is too much. Love.


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