Wednesday, March 9

Wordless Wednesday Dose of Puppy Cute

Bert in bucket

The Daily Donkey 32: Dolores and Anonymous Ears



  1. After digging all those mole holes, Bert's gotta keep up his strength with goodies from the treat bucket!

  2. I don't think that picture needs any words! LOL.... :)

  3. Got to love that stubby tail!

  4. Love to visit your site. I feel right at home. Really enjoy seeing your way of life as it reflects where we want to go with ours eventually.

  5. His tail is a lot shorter.

  6. I had a bit of catching up to do, and I have just been laughing at all these great pictures! Not to mention some of the great Comments left by your readers!

    Seriously, how do you get any work done? I know I would just spend all of my time playing with the dogs, watching the chickens and then...well, those donkeys are just too much!!!
    Since I can't have any of my own - thanks so much for sharing them with us!!

  7. Did Bert get his tail fixed?!

  8. Hi Everybody,
    Thanks for the comments. :)

    Ha - true. And the other day he actually caught a big fat one!

    Bert did get his tail fixed! We had it done at the same time he was neutered a few weeks ago. It's not as short as it looks in this photo - the end was shaved and it's blending into his leg here.

    You can see a better view of Bert's spiffy new tail here. It looks a little silly right now, but thankfully it wags just fine. :)

  9. Ahh that's great! Geez, you miss a day or two and all kinds of big events happen on the farm. Bert's a champ!


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