Sunday, March 6

Sunday Night Dose of Cute: Ready for Monday?

Tired Daisy 1

Tired Daisy 2

Tired Daisy 3

Tired Daisy 4

Tired Daisy 5

Tired Daisy 6

Tired Daisy 7
Didn't think so.

The Daily Donkey 29: Swish!

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  1. Love all your pics! I have my dog sleeping on me now and we are not ready for Monday morning!

  2. Jenny from Maryland3/07/2011 6:39 AM

    I REALLY like the very wide ewe behind her! Is that the "birth watch" pen?

  3. She couldn't fight the sleepies any longer!

  4. Guess Mondays are hard for everyone! Hope Daisy gets over those Monday Monday blues quickly!!!

  5. Love all the photos. especially when he yawns.

  6. Looking out my office window each day all I can see is cityscape, and so coming to your blog is such a nice change of scenery. Thanks so much for sharing your animals and your adventures. I always look forward to stopping by.

  7. Great photos - I'm sure Daisy's yawning and lolling is all a ruse, and she's on the alert for any trouble!

  8. Tired Daisy has to get some sleep so she can stay up and bark all night.

  9. Hi Everybody,
    Thanks for the comments. So glad you enjoyed these photos. :)

    Okay, this is a little embarrassing. That sheep is actually Edward, one of our rams - and definitely not pregnant. ;)

    In his defense, though, when we recently sheared the sheep, we had the shearer take off the overgrown layers of hair on Edward's back that hadn't come off on their own - you can read more about our Katahdin hair sheep here. Since we didn't have him fully sheared, his sides now look wider than they actually are.

    And of course the camera adds 10 pounds. But I have to admit, especially after looking at these photos, Edward could probably stand to go on a little diet!


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