Monday, March 7

Monday Dose of Cute: Another Day. . .

Donkettes hoping for treats
Another donkey induced smile.

Heehaw! The Daily Donkey is a hit—and is actually appearing daily! Thirty days, thirty new donkey photos, all corralled behind The Daily Donkey navigation tab at the top of the page for your viewing pleasure. I also include a link to each new Daily Donkey at the bottom of that day's farm photo or dose of cute post. (If there are multiple farm or cute photos in a post, you'll have to click on the click here for the rest of this post link to reach The Daily Donkey link.)

Thanks for your enthusiastic response to this fun new feature. Now just cross your hooves I can keep up this posting pace. Goodness knows there's no shortage of donkey photos around here, with more being taken every day—like my new favorite above. These girls crack me up. And Esmeralda, the fourth donkette, was right there, too, captured in today's Daily Donkey.

The Daily Donkey 30: Esmeralda Looking for Treats

©, aka Longear Lover's Paradise, where cute faces are impossible to resist and organic carrots are purchased by the bushel.


  1. That picture just makes me smile! Thanks for all the work you do posting every day.

  2. This photo is adorable! How do you stand all that cuteness? Thanks for sharing for those of us who haven't been able to get that dreamed-of farm yet!

  3. That image of happy donkeys will stay with me all day! They are so darn cute!!

  4. I luv their donkey faces.

  5. Donkeys... so cute.

    I want one.


  6. I love the cute donkey noses!!!
    Iv been looking around would like to find a pair for our farm, I had one once and loved him so much. We have horses so we treated him just like the horses but he gave us back comic relief. We taught him to go on the horse walker.
    To stand tied at the poll and get baths and be groomed, I had way too much fun with a** comments LOL His name was Little Bill and when he was good I'd tell him, "Oh Bill, your such a good lil a**" or when he was being bad Id tell him "Bill!!! your such a bad lil a**" I don't know why I got such a kick out of that , but I did. He gave the best wet kisses and he talked to me, I swear!...My favorite memory of Lil Bill is him running crooked down the pasture calling out to me with his head in the air because he new I was headed for the barn.......I had to find Bill a new home because my Daughter in-law died in childbirth and I took on raising her baby and five year old daughter......I had to cut back on my work load out at the barn, I sold a few horses too....but the baby is 6 now and I have more time for the barn and I really want to get another donkey but this time I think Id like a pair....animals just do better with a companion....keep the donkey pictures coming...the recipies too, I have tried several with great results...Thank You!

  7. This makes me laugh so much! The photo makes me think of a trio of college girls on Spring Break.

    Whenever you take a photo of more than one girl, they ALWAYS angle their heads close together, purse their lips, and even roll their eyes upwards just like the donkey on the right.


  8. Oh that photo just cheered me up after a truly dreadful day. I actually "chuckled," which is no small miracle considering I actually cried in teh supermarket because they were playing "Eternal Flame" by the Bangles. Not my most impressive moment : )

  9. Those faces!!! The donkey smiles are too much!!!


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