Saturday, June 18

Saturday Farm Photo: Slowly but Surely

Taking a break on the hay trailer -
We're bringing in the hay

We added another 105 bales of hay to our ever growing stack in the barn, which, after five cuttings (including one small test cutting back in May where we only got two dozen bales instead of the expected 50 to 60) brings us to a total of 550. Good, but still quite a ways from our goal of 900.

We had hoped to take a few days off from the hayfield before cutting again, but the weather forecast says hot, hot, hot, now, now, now, followed by rain (yay) and then, finally, a break in the relentless heat (double yay), so it's now or quite possibly never. If all goes well, Joe will be cutting the last big section of the hayfield tomorrow, and on Monday we'll be back out picking up bales.

That won't get us to 900, so the plan is to re-cut some of the hayfield later in the summer, once the warm weather grass gets thick and tall enough. Our climate and grasses don't normally lend themselves to double cuttings, but everything about this haying season has been a little different than usual, so we're hopeful that it will all work out.

Just joining us for haying season? Put on your work gloves and catch up:

©, where you know it was going to happen eventually. Turns out today's Daily Donkey is suspiciously similar to a photo some of you may remember from back in December 2009 (though it isn't actually the same one). I'm blaming my heat melted brain—but still love it the second time around.


  1. Sending you both extra energy and extra resting too! (Loving your buttermilk ranch dressing on our front yard salad.. thanks so much!)

  2. I'm wishing all the luck and success you can possibly have with the hay - aLL that hard work deserves good fortune!


  3. Make sure that the hay is not too green and that you have sufficient ventilation to dry the hay. A barn fire is not a pretty thing.


  4. We picked up 124 out of the field on Friday afternoon. We're getting some round bales today. Hay is a lot of work.

    We're still hoping that we get a cutting off our newly sprigged hay field this year.

  5. Hope you're getting to take some post-haying soaks in your Country Pool ;) Complete with champagne, of course.


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