Thursday, June 9

Thursday Late Night Dose of Cute: Crazy Ears

Crazy Ears
It's been a little buggy in Donkeyland.

©, hoofing it out in the hayfield late into the evening. (That would be me and Joe, not the longears.) Goodnight! Zzzzzzzzz.


  1. This is always a fun blog. When I am up in the night not feeling well...I take my medication and then see if your blog is up on my reader. Thanks for sharing your fun on the farm. :) Makes me smile - helps me to relax.

  2. Their ears are very talented!

  3. Unfortunately it gnat and horsefly time in MS. But with 4 bug zappers it's helping a lot.

  4. Oh, yes, it's very buggy here too. Ugh. :-(

    Glad to see you're surviving the awful heat!

  5. I had to get caught up a bit, but thank you for reminding us that farm life is hard work!! (I think we forget about that part - we just see the sweet animals and beautiful scenery.) You will never need a gym membership, will you?!

    As for kohlrabi, do you just drink it after you have pured it? Anything else? I've never had it (in fact, I'm not sure I've ever seen one in person!) but I make look for it at market.

    Best wishes putting up the hay. I'm thinking about you!


  6. Hi Everybody,
    Thanks for the comments. :)


    Ha - you don't have to drink kohlrabi puree! The consistency is similar to mashed potatoes, and it even makes a great low carb substitute for them. I love the flavor.

    If you can't find kohlrabi bulbs with the leaves still attached, I think using some kale instead would probably work well. I hope you give kohlrabi a try! :)


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