Wednesday, June 29

Wednesday Dose of Cute: Whitey the Chicken's Secret to Outliving Everybody Else

Whitey the Chicken snubs her beak at freshly picked organic kale 1

More photos below. . .

Whitey the Chicken snubs her beak at freshly picked organic kale 2

Well, it certainly isn't kale.

Yo! Where's the pizza?


It's attitude. (And pizza.)

At eleven years old, Whitey the Chicken is still the baddest little bird on the block. She's watched flocks of others come and go, and despite her diminutive size and extremely advanced age, still maintains her spot as top hen on the pecking order.

She eats what she wants, when she wants, and everybody else can wait—and eat kale. The other hens are terrified of her.

Rumor is that Whitey has her beady little eyes set on becoming the World's Oldest Chicken, which, the last time we checked, was fourteen. So please don't tell her we have no photographic (or any other type of) proof of her existence prior to 2005.

Whitey used to make regular appearances on Farmgirl Fare back when I first started blogging, but she quickly tired of her rising blogstar status and has lately become more reclusive.

Plus I think she was starting to scare some of my readers.

Just getting to know this little white bird with the big attitude? You'll find all the previous Whitey posts, including the story of her one and only (very successful) turn at motherhood when she was seven, right here.

Oh, and we really do sometimes feed our chickens homemade pizza. They seem to love my easy pizza dough recipe almost as much as I do. Or maybe it's the extra cheese.

©, where some of us just keep on clucking—and some of us actually love kale, especially when it's fresh from the kitchen garden.


  1. What beautiful chickens (and rooster)! Hmmm....maybe we should ALL eat more pizza, sounds good to me! :)

  2. I love this blog. It really brightens up my day (and my week).

  3. beautiful girls... WOW 11 that is impressive! Good Luck Whitie... we are rooting for ya!

  4. I love how she grabs all the kale with her one foot, stands on it so no one else can have any, then decides she doesn't want it and stomps off.

  5. Go Whitey! I have my Anais who is 10 (just a year younger than Whitey) and is also going strong; is the queen of the flock and gives me a beautiful green egg every other day (as she always has).

  6. That Whitie. She is such a funny girl. I'm glad she's still kicking. :)

    Sometimes, the best part of the day is sitting around watching our wacky pets.

  7. As a native New Yorker (who, for strange reasons, are sometimes known for our attitudes), I feel a definite kinship with Whitey. A "don't mess with me" temperament AND a love of pizza? Was this bird originally from Bay Ridge? Yo! Whitey! I love ya!

  8. Somebody has to be the boss!

  9. Obviously, she is The Diva of the hen house!! (She really is a beautiful girl.) Thanks for sharing her with us.


  10. Whitey you are my hero. Makes me feel quite guilty that my girls leave me sooner. Where am I going wrong? Have bought the yeast and the flour (twice) but too scared to give the pizza dough a go. Be brave and go forth and the chooks will be all the happier even if it fails...


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