Thursday, June 16

Thursday Dose of Cute: Got Treats? (Version Two)

Cute donkeys hoping for treats -
Oh, come on. You know you have some. (click here for version one)

Life on this farm revolves around treats. You'll find visible proof here and here.

The Daily Donkey 128: Baby Gnat Nibbles on a Stick

©, where you can probably tell why it's so easy to overfeed your donkey. Who can resist?


  1. I want to rub me some donkey nose!

  2. They would be VERY hard to resist! :)

  3. These guys are soooo cute! I love the Daily Donkey!) I couldn't resist them if I tried - so good luck to you!


  4. Hi Susan! I've been wondering... Are there any plans to post anymore on Writings from Windridge? While it's apparent that you are kept more than busy with everything else, it's been on my mind lately.

  5. Hi Everybody,
    Thanks for the comments. :)

    Hi Melissa,
    How funny - I was thinking about those Writings from Windridge stories just the other day. I haven't written any new ones in many years, but there are still some I never posted - and the ones that I did post need to be moved onto this url and reorganized.

    Thanks for letting me know you're interested in reading more. I'll add it to The List! :)

  6. Haha, adorable! I would definitely be way to tempted to keep giving those cuties treats. The chickens and ducks are starting to freak out if I even peek out the back door because they think I'm coming out there with some goodies!


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