Sunday, June 5

Sunday Surprise Dose of Cute: Peep!

just hatched chick 1
Look what I just found

Joe and I have been using cool little two-way radios for years to keep in contact with each other around the farm. A few minutes ago, I stepped inside one of the chicken coops to give Whitey and her five cohorts (yes, 11-year-old Whitey is still alive!) some steak and lettuce scraps, and immediately pressed the talk button.


We've had lots of baby chicks hatch since Whitey started things off back in 2007, but I still get excited over every one.

Several of our hens are sitting on nests of eggs right now, so hopefully this little cutie pie will be hopping around with some friends real soon. In the meantime, I'm off to build a new place for mama and the kid to live!

Can't wait to see more baby chicks? Here are clicks to past years' pics:

The Daily Donkey 119: Dan Steps into the Snow (trying to think cool on this very hot day)

©, where sometimes you just have to stop everything and squeal peep with delight.


  1. Okay, I know this sounds silly, and maybe you've talked about it previously, but - how do you know when an egg is to be collected for breakfast or when it should be left alone to become another peeper? I understand the rooster's role, but aren't there roosters on most egg farms - or not?

  2. Oops, I just read the 2007 story and its continuation of Whitey's batch of chickens. So I've learned a few things since my comment. But I still don't know how you know to expect a chicken or an egg...

  3. Baby chicks are sooo cute!

  4. Whoo hoo! Way to go, Whitey! I wondered how the old girl was doing!

  5. Congrats on your newest peeper!

  6. What do you DO with all these chickens? I mean, I guess the ones that end up being roosters probably go into the freezer, but all the hens? And all those eggs they lay? I'm daunted at the thought of having six hens and using four dozen eggs a week (though this is easier for us than for most people, egg eaters that we are), but you must have vast multitudes of eggs. What do you do with them?

  7. Ooohh, how lovely. Our kids would love to have some little peepers. We have hens but no cockerel but have thought about buying fertilized eggs and bringing them on. May just have to after seeing this.

  8. Hi Everybody,
    Thanks for the comments! Great questions, too. I'll hopefully be back a little later to answer them. :)

  9. Aw, too cute!

    A great hen!

  10. Hi Susan! First of all a huge Congratulations to you for six years of sharing your farm life with the rest of us!! That is amazing and extremely generous of you!! I personally can't think of one thing to tell you that I would want you to do different - I love everything you post - all the animals, recipes, Hunky Farm Guy (well, we would all love to see a really good close-up, no hat kind of picture, but we do respect your privacy so that may be asking for a bit too much... :) planting, your kitchen garden, the wash line, the treasures you find, don't forget all of the 'rock hearts' - love it all!!!

    Seriously, I think we all have learned so much about farm life from you and have also come to appreciate that it takes a lot of very hard work to accomplish everything you do - every day!

    A million thanks for sharing - it is so appreciated.

    The new little 'peeper' is a cutie! So...what do you do with all of those eggs?


  11. What a sight to see. Momma and baby chick. You are so lucky to live on a farm and see all of the miracles of life. I know it's lots of work, but I would enjoy it. Thanks for sharing such a cute pic.

  12. We love chicks. What a sweet little peeper. We are so excited to get our Buff Orphingtons. I have heard they are good setters. We will have chicks!

  13. Chickens can live so long and have such lives full of chicken-ness goodness! Factory farming is such a shame - where chickens are killed so young.
    Kudos for not trading in for a younger model but appreciating your chicken! :P

  14. I was wondering about Whitey... Good to know that she's still around!


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