Friday, September 22, 2006

Weekend Cat Blogging #68

Patchy Cat Was Jealous Of New Cat's Portrait

Attention Cat Lovers! This Is Weekend Cat Blogging #68!
Chef Sarah Jane has all the links to this week's kitties. Plus lots more cat pics at the traveling Carnival Of The Cats and the weekly Friday Ark.


  1. aw. that pic and the new cat portrait would look great framed and hanging side by side on a wall! cute profile. (although, i think molly doodlebug is perfection with her black and white "eyeliner"!)

  2. oh. oh. your header went Autumn...oh wow. It's just wonderful. Oh my, I collect sheep and have always thought it delightful.I've only been reading thru the Summer, so maybe it changes with all the seasons, but very clever Farmgirl. Wooly good!

  3. Hi Susan - Spectacular pictures of the summer sky & I loved the heart rocks, too!

    What a beautiful pic of PC - I didn't get time to do a special WCB, but stop by & see what Neelix is looking at in the pond :-) Tina

  4. This cat looks just like Willow House's first ever cat, Jack. He was a real character, born in a dogs bed and not sure if his mother was the dog or the cat! When he came to us our Staffordshire Bull Terrier Sophie dragged him off to her bed which he continued to share all his life. That is when he wasn't sleeping on our Irish Wolfhouhd's heads! Sadly Jack, Sophie, Mona and Kerry ( the wolfhounds) are all deceased. But they had long and happy lives. We miss them but of course we have more cats and dogs who I will be posting pictures of at Willowhouse very soon. Thanks for this picture it has brought back lovely memories.

  5. LOVE those whiskers!
    And, I love the swirling magic of you last nights of summer pictures...I immediately knew that those were the dragonflies and am impressed by how many there are!

  6. I just love your pictures.

    Here's my attempt at my first wcb & my kitties' stories.



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