Wednesday, September 27

The Garden Gate Is Wide Open. . .
And You're Invited In For A Visit!

From The Garden To The Salad Bowl

Did you know I have a kitchen garden blog?
In My Kitchen Garden
sprouted up last March as a companion to Farmgirl Fare. And it's not just for gardeners, but for anyone who enjoys lighthearted, friendly writing and fresh, delicious food. This week I posted my recipe for Fresh Pizza Sauce. And in the sidebar over there you'll find links to more of my Less Fuss, More Flavor kitchen garden recipes.

You can also read about the care and eating of some of my favorite heirloom vegetables, including Aconcagua Sweet Peppers and Nero di Toscana Cabbage. Or discover what to do with fresh mint or lemon thyme. (Mint facial toner, anyone?) Learn more than you ever dreamed you wanted to know about garlic, and find out why I just plunked down a whopping $77 for a mere five pounds of the stuff.

I'll introduce you to tasty sites like Kitchen Gardeners International, and pass along such Culinary Newsbites as where to find the end all collection of asparagus recipes and how to download a free copy of All About Apples, a scrumptious new book from Scott Carsberg of Lampreia Restaurant in Seattle.

And that's not all. You can read about my latest loves--including everything from spring green garlic to sunblock--and even learn how to make it rain.

Who knows? You just might be inspired to grow a little something yourself. Personal chef Vickie at The Moveable Feast tore up half her backyard last spring in order to plant edibles--and says I'm completely to blame.) But you can start on a much smaller scale. Did you know that even apartment dwellers can go from seed to salad bowl in less than a month? It's true. Click here to learn how.

Of course you'll also find plenty of pretty pictures, along with the obligatory cute critter shots. Well, what are you waiting for? The garden gate is always open, so grab your appetite and come have a look! I'll meet you in there.

A year of Daily Photos ago:
My Sweet Teddy Boy Is Growing Up and Autumn Bloom


  1. Can I come over for tomato sammys on fresh baked bread???? Please!? Those look mahvelous!

    Hope you are having a great day!`

  2. I love your gardening blog... and you know what? You did inspire me to start my own blog about my newly embarked garden =) Only one little plant right now... but you gotta start somewhere!!! =D

  3. I love your kitchen garden blog (and this one too). it's like a drug--I am totally addicted and find myself clicking on it at least 10 times a day. Yeah, your stats must be high (no pun intended) from me!

    And I love this blog too. I love seeing what's next in your world. I can't tell you how many times I've said to myself, "I wonder if she takes interns."
    Be well. Thanks for writing. Jane

  4. Wow...I am so inspired to grow tomatoes again! I can't wait to get settled and begin my garden! Your blog is inspiring in so many ways and always starts my day with a smile! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, farmgirl...

  5. Oh those glowing red orbs...beautiful tomatoes, gorgeous photo!

    I'm inspired to scoop up tons of tomatoes at the farmer's market this weekend for a sauce-making/canning session.

  6. Susan, you are to blame for half my backyard turning into the surburan wildlife buffet! LOL! You just make it sound/look so easy! lol.

  7. Great blog it has given me the inspiration lto start growing my own veggies keep up the great posts.

  8. I like the tomato line-up! "Yes, officer, I do believe it was the one third from the left that stole my purse last night." :-)

  9. the autumn bloom flowers from last year----the yellow blooming plant is a lantana, I think.

  10. I grow the Tuscan Black kale too, I love it in the Zuppa Toscana that the Olive Garden does. I actually like to pick it and put in the freezer *without blanching!* and it does still turn a bit sweeter as our hot summers will turn any cole plant spicy. Hope you got your seeds started.

  11. Hi! I really appreciate your expertise and your recipes. I was wondering why you use metal pans for your bread. I have had better luck with glass loaf pans. I find that the bread takes on the taste of the metal pan. Is there a reason you prefer metal?

  12. Hi Julie,
    That's a good question. I used glass pans when I first started baking bread and didn't care for them: I found the bread often stuck to the pans making cleaning a huge chore, the loaves didn't bake up as nicely as with metal pans, and then of course you have to contend with the heaviness and fragility of glass pans - which isn't a huge deal if you only have two or three but is impractical when baking on a large scale (which is what I've been practicing to do).

    Not sure why you're getting a metallic taste when using metal pans - I've never had that happen or heard of it happening.

    What's interesting is that in the bread baking world in general, metal pans are preferred, but I just looked in 5 different bread books and nobody actually came out and say why they prefer/recommend them. Like I said, good question! : )

  13. Interesting! I have so much to learn! Come summer! Thank you!

  14. WOw, just ran cross you, looks great! I look forward to exploring your blog!

  15. I love looking at your photos of those cute little animals (and the food too). I look at your site first thing every morning and it makes me feel good to be alive. -- sherry (born and raised in Missouri but live in Texas now :)


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