Thursday, September 7

Daily Farm Photo 9/7/06: Piggy in Pink


This cutie pie isn't the new ram lamb we picked up yesterday at a friend's farm, but I sure was tempted to scoop it into my arms and take it home (along with the other twenty that were racing around). There's nothing more amusing to watch than a pack of little piglets. Except maybe a rolling donkey.

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  1. It spoke to you, right? I mean it looks like Babe. That'll do pig.

  2. And here I was wondering where Charlotte might be hiding... Beautiful pig.

  3. Look Out! It's a future Hogzilla!

  4. What a charming little guy! I can see how you would want to smuggle him home.

  5. So lovely!
    As a child I raised a little cutie (named Snoopy) like him by bottle. Hmmmm....makes me nostagic & miss the farm.
    Love your blog! Takes me back....

  6. Oh my!
    Pretty in Pink!
    Too cute!

    Anni :-)

  7. I really appreciate your blog. Beautiful pics!
    See ya

  8. Oh c' should bring home just one piglet, a lifelong friend for Cary!

  9. i'm with skilz, it's unreal that something so cute can turn into such a monster!!
    but seriously, what a cutie...

  10. What an adorable little urchin. Can you imagine what life would be like with him underfoot??? I would have been tempted, too, but since you have Cary, you're all set!

    Aunt Sandy in Texas with Skye Bird-dee (and we are not anonymous at all)

  11. So cute I just to squeeze it.
    Is that wrong?

  12. can't...take...anymore...cuteness. ...will...explode...

  13. Ohh I would have had to have that little guy!
    He could have helped out showing you where there were weak places in your fencing!
    See what you missed?

  14. now he could have been another terror in the garden for you! and they root up EVERYTHING IN SITE!

  15. Never thought I would ever smile seeing a pig...on a pc screen! You did it again.

  16. Hi there, I just discovered your site and have marked it as a favorite. Your photos are fantastic and your photo of 7/8/06 of the blue butterfly on a cone flower (Echinachea) was stunning!!

    Take care and keep up the posts...

  17. Oh, my favorite! I raised pigs as a kid and even bottle fed a few. So cute!!

  18. my son would love it!

  19. How adorable!

    I love visiting your site. You have such wonderful pictures!

  20. I want that piglet.

    For a pet.

    Problem is, my husband will want to turn him into bacon.

    Pax. Kimberly

  21. I knew it. You have superhuman powers.

    There is no way I'd get away without taking that pig with me. He's scary cute.

  22. if you remember that i mentioned a super heavy duty UV resistant tarp a few months ago. well, i have an extra one it is 20' by 24' if you want it $20 email me.

    karl at omelay dot com

  23. I love baby pigs!!! I can understand that you could have taken that cute piggy back home; I would have felt the same if I had seen this adorable creature...

  24. Awww! He's so cute!

    Charlotte's Web was one of my favorite books growing up. However, I'm also severely arachnaphobic. Go figure!


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