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Just Peachy Blueberry Breakfast Bars Recipe with Oat Crust and Streusel Topping

You can't go wrong with peaches and blueberries (recipe here)

Me: If I don't write about these Peachy Blueberry Bars soon, peaches are going to be out of season and nobody will be able to make them.

Joe: Yep.

Me: I mean, we decided we like this version best, right?

Joe: Right.

Me: And it's okay that the peaches make the topping a little mushy because the bars still look okay—especially the first day you bake them—and we decided I definitely should share this variation because they're really, really good, right?

Joe: Right.

Me: And I have a photo ready and everything.

Joe: So what's the hold up?

Me: I have no idea.

You wouldn't believe how many seasonal recipes I haven't gotten around to sharing in time—not to mention the backlog of recipes in general that I've been meaning to write about. (I know, I know, Oatmeal Toasting Bread. One of these days, I swear. Feel free to pester me—it can't hurt. Hey, it worked! The Oatmeal Toasting Bread Recipe is up!)

Anyway, before I talk about this new version of the Blueberry Breakfast Bars I wrote about back in June, I want to thank all of you who made them and then took the time to let me know how much you enjoyed them.

Now being the inventive bunch of bakers that you are, I'm certainly not the first person to take creative liberties with the original recipe. Julie said "I am overcome with blackberries, so I substituted. It was wonderful. Husband ate it in a bowl with milk on it. Daughter loved them warm out of the oven last night." (I had really hoped to try this, but our wild blackberries were dismal this year.)

Cyndi tossed in some frozen cranberries she had laying around and declared the result to be "sooo good." And Jade, who took my tongue-in-cheek "breakfast" part of the name seriously but couldn't quite allow herself to eat them for breakfast, came up with a healthier, guilt-free version. If you made my Blueberry Breakfast Bars and added a successfully unique twist, I'd love to hear about it.

So what did I do? I realized that not only was I seeing recipes combining blueberries and peaches everywhere I turned, but that I actually had blueberries and peaches in the house at the same time—and that they would probably taste really good together in these bars. And they did.

Now for the obsessive details.

My original recipe calls for 3½ cups of blueberries. If you use 2 cups of peaches and 1½ cups of blueberries instead, you will end up with a perfectly tasty bar with perfectly unmushy streusel topping.

When I spread out the fruit over the crust while making them, though, it didn't look like there was enough. Not wanting to add another variable into the mix (this has to be a first for me), I held fast and didn't add more fruit like I really wanted to.

Then when I tasted one, I still didn't think it had enough fruit. So I went overboard, and that's when the chunks of peaches started making the topping mushy.

To make a long, experimental story short, I found a happy medium.

Two cups of smallish peach chunks and 3 cups of blueberries, along with a slightly longer baking time, will give you nice, fruity bars that will look fine for the first half a day or so after you bake them, slightly mushy where the peaches are if you leave them overnight on the counter, barely mushy (even after four days) if you store them in the fridge, and not mushy at all if you wrap them up and freeze them right after they've cooled (though I can't promise what will happen once they're defrosted, as we haven't gotten around to eating those yet).

All of the bars look completely fine when buried under scoops of vanilla ice cream. And obviously if you are serving the entire pan warm from the oven to a crowd, you won't have to worry about where to put your leftovers or what they might do.

Since I only changed the fruit and the baking time, I'm not going to reprint the entire recipe here. Instead, I've amended my original post to include the peachy variation. Click here to head over there. (Update: Or check out the Apple Blueberry version.)

One thing I did find interesting is that even though I added an extra two cups of fruit but no more sugar, the bars were still plenty sweet.

If your peaches aren't super ripe and juicy, you might want to add a little more sugar—though I have no idea what the consequences will be. And if you can't get your hands on any really good peaches because it's already too late in the season, please accept my apologies and remember that there's always next year.

I warned you the details were obsessive.

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  1. That Joe is a many of many words.

  2. MMMmmm...these look wonderful.

  3. Please continue to post summer fruit recpies as those of us in the other half of the world can save them up for the fast approaching summer.

  4. Blueberries with peaches-or nectarines-is a favorite combination of mine, and for breakfast-this sounds very, very good.

    Actually, there is just something about the peach family and any berries together. I wonder how this would work with some ice cream in either flavor. Not for breakfast, of course...

  5. In case you dont have five million other things to do, I have tagged you for FIve thing to Eat Before you Die ;)

    It is a fun meme and interesting to see what everyone is writing as their favs.

  6. Pestering about the oatmeal toasting bread.....yum! lol

  7. Oh to drown in a sea of blueberries. The wonderful way the taste comes forth when some natural yoghurt is added. I may just be able to scrape in there this summer with this recipe. Here's hoping!!!
    Love it, love it, love it!!!!

  8. A friend of mine who I regularly trade pies with (he gives me back my pan for his portion of the trade) suggested a peach and blueberry pie for my next act and I thought him a wee crazy.

    Apparently the divinity of this combination passed over my little portion of the world.

    But now, the coincidence is too great. I must make this! It is likely that I will make this as both a pie and bars. Because I'm just like that. And then I'll blab all about it.

  9. Not too laate for us in the summer hemisphere though Farmgirl.

  10. Thank you for sharing this with us!! I had considered the idea of making just peach "breakfast" bars, but this sounds better and here you've worked all the details out for us! :)

  11. I'm back. I made the pie. It is heaven. It is the only way I'm going to be able to sneak out of the house for my trip - leaving hubby distracted with a full mouth of blueberries and white peaches.

    Great recipe :)

  12. I made the breakfast bars - batches of them in fact - and topped them with whatever fresh fruit happened to be in season at the time. As we are forever needing grab and go breakfast foods, I stuck a batch in the freezer. I would like to report that they are (almost) as good as fresh from the oven and if you nuke them for about 30-45 seconds, they are steamy, soft and quite lovely. (Your microwave time may vary)

  13. I love, love blueberries and peaches together and have some leftover peach/blueberry cobbler in the fridge right now! I printed the Blueberry Bonanza Breakfast Bar recipe and will try them soon for the Farmer's Market. I will let you know how it goes. :)


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