Sunday, September 17

Daily Farm Photo: 9/17/06

Hot Dog vs. Parched Pussycat


Attention Cat & Dog Lovers! This is WCB #67 & WDB #52!
Head over to for the cat roundup and Sweetnicks for the dog roundup. For more fun cat photos, catch the traveling Carnival Of The Cats each Sunday night. And the weekly Friday Ark boards everything from cats & dogs to squirrels & frogs. Allergic to fur? Weekend Herb Blogging is for you.

Wonderful Wild Animal Sanctuary Update!
(Click here if you missed my original post about the big cats and other exotic animals who need our help). The Wild Animal Sanctuary has received so many donations & promises of donations that they are able to keep operating for now. Click here to read the latest closing update on their website. Many, many thanks to all of you generously made donations and wrote about the Wild Animal Sanctuary. Note: they are now accepting donations from anywhere in the world via PayPal. Please keep spreading the word! IT REALLY IS WORKING!

A year of Daily Photos ago:
J2 & New Cat Survey The Day From The Cat Cabin


  1. Standoff. Time to call in the chickenz.

  2. Yes! It is TIME for CHICKENZ! They're such good standoff negotiators!

    Cute, cute picture.

  3. Those finicky cats, but then don't think twice about drink after dog feet soaks or bird baths. It's something you caught this little dance.

  4. Nothing like a dog that hogs the water bowl! We have the same problem here too! Only there are 4 dogs trying to get to the dish while the cat sits and watches.

  5. Hi farmgirl. I just discovered your blog over the weekend and I spent most of the weekend reading it and googling and gahhing over all your farm creatures. Cary is so cute I think my heart melted too many times to be healthy. Your cat is a patient one.

  6. Great picutres. You are also patient for waiting them out. Kitty must have been thirsty.

  7. Hola, just found you via the Carnival of Cats.

    Love all your photos! Is this a beagle dog I see in these? (I have two, so I'm partial.) Quite funny and cute.

    Donkey Doodle Dandy is also very handsome.


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