Wednesday, September 6

Daily Farm Photo: 9/6/06

Baby Cary Is Four Months Old Today!

Yes, The Privileged Animal Is Still Allowed In The House

A few things have changed, though. Now she knocks on the metal bottom of the storm door when she wants to come in. Well, I guess you can't really call BANG! BANG! BANG! a knock. Joe calls it something out of a bad horror movie (especially since you can see the thin metal moving as she whacks it with her hoof). I politely pointed out that banging on the door is better than hanging from the screen and clawing it up in the process (like The Doodle Monster does) or jumping right through it (which is what Cary did once). Note: click here if you don't know who Cary is. And click here and here if you'd like to read the two-month-old and three-month-old Cary updates.

Cary's daily schedule is different now that she is fast becoming (*sniff sniff*) a grownup sheep. For one thing, she goes in and out of the house much more frequently. Hopefully I'll have a chance to write more about this and the rest of our day to day life together in a (near) future Cary update. (I don't even have weight and height stats to report today.) I did want to let those of you who have been wondering if I've used up not only my lifetime supply of paper towels but some other peoples' as well by now, that Cary is indeed housebroken! (Click here and scroll down through the comments section to read my earlier report on this, um, delicate subject--which I only tackled because so many of you were understandably curious.)

In the meantime, there are some things around here that haven't changed a bit.

Even though she is now officially bigger than he is, The Nanny Bear still diligently watches over Cary--and they continue to spend a lot of time together.

Cary also continues to steal Donkey Doodle Dandy's treats on a regular basis, even though you'd think she would have learned her lesson back in June. Fortunately Dan adores her.

And although Cary has begun successfully melting into the flock for part of each day. . .

There's still no mistaking her in a crowd!

Thanks for all the kind words and comments you've already left on this post (and for your patience waiting for me to put up the rest of the photos). I'll answer your questions as soon as I can, but I think I hear Cary at the door.

Oh, and if anybody is thinking right now that having a lamb in the living room is just this side of totally insane, remember that Mr. Ed and Arnold The Pig both spent a lot of time in the house. And Arnold even got to watch TV!

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  1. I have to she toilet trained?

  2. Wowwww, I barely allow my kids in the house. Seeing this, I suppose I should "relax" a tad.

  3. Miss Diva thinks she should come inside whenever she wants... sometimes I do and she is well behaved. LOL

  4. Would she learn to ring a bell? That's what you're supposed to teach dogs so they don't scratch up a door ... didn't work for the LadyDog however.

  5. Farmgirl,

    I love the Cary chronicles... keep 'em coming! She's such a character!


  6. Yay, Cary is baaaaack! If she could watch TV, I wonder what her favorite show would be? I would have to guess something in HGTV, haha. (isn't that what the gardening channel is called?)

  7. Happy 4 month birthday Cary!

  8. Happy Birthday to Cary, of course. I never, in my wildest, thought I'd become so attached to the daily wanderings of a lamb.

  9. I smell a TV pilot! "Farmgirl Fare"! It writes itself. I get to play Jeff, the quirky but lovable neighbor with an odd but healthy obsession with chickenz and a full head of hair.


    I assume that you DID have a party and cake and ice cream were served. And not to mention presents!!

  11. Such a sweet little creature.

  12. Thanks, tree!

    Oh, weren't talking abut me, were you? Nevermind.

  13. She is so cute. I had just stopped by to thank you for your Blueberry Breakfast Bars - it seems that they will be a new favorite in our home.

    Really she is so cute. There's a book about a horse raised in a house, called "Whoever Heard of a Horse in the House" (duh) which is pretty funny.

  14. awwwww! She's so FLUFFY! I hope to have a flock of sheepies someday too. And I will milk them and make lots of cheese. And I will have a fave who can follow me everywhere.

    Dearest Cary how lovely it is to watch you grow up!

  16. CUUUUUUUTE!!! Happy 4 month birthday, Cary!! I agree with ak - perhaps you can hang an old brass bell outside the door at Cary's height with a tassel rope and teach her to yank on it.. it would definitely make for an adorable picture! Thanks for the Cary updates, Farmgirl. I'm going to the Los Angeles County Fair this weekend and I'm hoping someone will let me snorgle their lamb!!

  17. OMG That sheepie butt shot is too cute. Thanks, as always, for adding some smiles to my day.
    Happy Belated Birthday to your little lamb.

  18. i love chopping firewood. its fun

  19. Happy Birthday Cary!

    It's so wonderful (and sad! *sniff*) watching her grow up. I too love the sheep butt shot. Too cute!

  20. Oh, those pictures are so adorable! That little Cary is one precious little lamb. And she is also very lucky to have you for a mom. I, too, think that the butt shot is so cute. What a camera opt that was!

    Thanks for sharing,
    Nana in Texas (where the temperature is truly wonderful -- at last!)

  21. Ah, Jeff-you are the perfect sitcom wacky neighbor. Not that there's anything unhealthy about a chicken obsession.

    Perhaps there will be a spinoff?- Lindy the Superchicken- the animated, musical exploits of Lindy and her pal Whitey? With voice over for Lindy by Aretha Franklin? Just a thought.

    (I see a breakaway pop hit in the offing.)


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