Monday, September 18

Daily Farm Photo: 9/18/06

Wild Mushroom--Or Miniature Alien Spaceship Crash Site?

A year of Daily Photos ago:
This Is My 100th Daily Farm Photo

Wow. Time sure has flown by. It's hard to believe the 500th Daily Farm Photo will be here next month. Never in my life did I imagine I would ever be taking this many pictures. It has been so wonderful to capture all of these priceless moments on the farm. And I am just thrilled to be creating a visual record of my life here. I love looking back at what was going on a year ago, a month ago, even a week ago. Last year these amazing sunflowers (which are the subject of both the 100th & 200th daily photos) popped up in a pen across from the barn, and I couldn't get enough of them. They never appeared during the five previous summers I've lived here, and they didn't come up this year. But now I can dive into their mesmerizing beauty whenever I want. If you'd like to see the 200th, 300th, & 400th Daily Farm Photos, click here and here and here.

And for those of you who have asked me what kind of camera I use, look over in the sidebar under the "About Me" paragraph, or click here (where you'll also get a sneak preview of the new Farmgirl Fare Favorites Amazon Store I created but haven't officially announced yet).

P.S. I just looked up the word "moment" in my thesaurus, and one of the phrases it listed was "two shakes of a lamb's tail." How perfectly fitting.


  1. I never do really well with these but, still......I thought it was a tree nose.

  2. I've taken black and white photos of fungus before. Odd maybe, but there's something captivating about it.

  3. Ha ha! The caption underneath the photo made me laugh. You see such fun, imaginative things during your walks through the farm.

  4. i heart your blog. it makes me homesick.

  5. If I could only read one blog everyday it would be yours! Thanks.

  6. FarmGirl - I wrote a while back, thanking you for sharing your photos/rubbing off on me. I am still so very thankful. I notice so many more things around me now, especially wild flowers! Thanks again for sharing and doing the things that you do!

  7. I vote for the alien ship.

  8. i wonder if Cary will make friends with the aliens or try to eat them for dinner?

    -- Ray, who is to lazy to sign in :o)

  9. 500 Photos!! Way to go. That's quite a milestone.

    BTW, I didn't know you were a Foodsaver fan! I LOVE the Foodsaver. I use it for everything.

  10. Hi Kristin,
    Okay, I can see where you'd think that. : )

    Hi Tree,
    I absolutely love black & white photos. I don't think it's odd at all. : )

    Hi Cherry,
    There always seems to be a new surprise around every corner here, that's for sure.

    Hi Anonymous,
    Thank you.

    Hi Forestwick,
    Wow. That's. . . that's. . . wow. Thanks.

    Hi Ms. Dafarm,
    I smile every time I read your name--too clever and sweet. Well, now it's my turn to thank you--for taking the time to write and give me such lovely feedback. I think it's wonderful that you are noticing more of the little, quiet things around you--and that I am to blame. You are very, very welcome.

    Hi Daisy,
    Shhhhh. Don't tell anybody, but I know it was an alien ship. I just put the mushroom thing up there so everybody wouldn't immediately assume I was a total crackpot. And just in case some of them are reading this, I won't mention that I also know that sheep can cloak themselves, and that aliens once abducted Trixie--and another time they abducted the entire flock for a whole night!

    Hi Lazy Ray,
    Ha ha, Cary wasn't interested in making friends with the aliens or eating them for dinner. What she wanted was to eat their dinner. That girl's favorite food is anything that belongs to someone else! : )

    Hi Kalyn,
    Thanks, but I'm not quite up to 500 daily photos yet. And around here you don't count your chickens before, well, hmmm, we don't really count them at all because there are only four.

    Yes! I am a huge FoodSaver fan. We actually have two. Joe came with one, and it is one of the very first models they produced. So old, in fact, that when I called the toll free helpline once in a panic because I was literally halfway through sealing up an entire deer and it stopped working, they couldn't offer me any help! But I did get a great deal on a newer model, so now we are a two FoodSaver family (because Joe got the old one going again--it's like 17 years old and still sucking just fine, LOL). They are great for so many things (even non-food stuff) and really do pay for themselves.

  11. Hilarious caption, and SO appropriate! So glad you have an imagination, FG. Life is so boring without one.

  12. "or Miniature Alien Spaceship Crash Site?" That made me burst out laughing. hehe. Thank you for entertaining us with your beautiful photos and great sense of humor.

  13. Dear Farmgirl,

    You've GOT to include the Oriental Gardening Tool in your Amazon shop. I've got one because you told me about it, and I love, love, love it.

    Jean, in Edinburgh

  14. i'm gonna go with "miniature alien spaceship crash site".... that's definately a fun way to think of the pic! (and i have to admit i wouldn't have thought of that on my own.)

  15. COngrats on your 100th photo.. SImply love ur blog,, A great inspiration for a guy who wishes to retire in a FARM.... I have even thought of how I will light up the farm with Bio Gas and Solar panels and windmills... Self sustaining farm...

  16. ooops 500th photos... in advance..

    Let me give a small suggestion. Even though we have no way of knowing how many MegaBites of Photos we have stored in our blogger account, Blogger or google has a limit on how much one can store in ur account. Once you have crossed the limit, they will either resize earlier photos or not allow new photos.. nobody knows for sure. I suggest you start another account, if you still want to use Blogger for storing photos... and then upload photos using new account and paste the code to this blog post.. Just a friendly tip

  17. I love your Amazon store...makes me wanna go shopping! I wanna be a Farmboy : )


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