Tuesday, July 12

Daily Farm Photo: 7/12/05

Heading Out For Breakfast


  1. For want of a better word, this picture is so 'rural' with country charm, ever feel like Ms Bo-Beep??

  2. Definitely! And more than once I've even lost my sheep! :)

    So glad you're enjoying the pictures.

  3. "And more than once I've even lost my sheep!"

    That gave me a good laugh! Like the night that they disappeared in the Twilight Zone! And reappeared the next morning.

    Great photo!

    Love, Mum

  4. Good thing you don't go to school! Talk about breaking the rules!



  5. This reminds me of an aussie kids song

    sheep are cute
    sheep are beaut
    sheep are soft and curley
    when I take them into town
    I have to wake up early

    thats all I can remember lol

  6. Clare, That's so cute. I want to know the rest!

  7. I love sheep. In my hometown they have a sheep shearing festival and it is so cool. I remember being a little kid petting the sheep and consoling the naked ones. "It's ok, it'll grow back." LOL

  8. “Sheep are cute, sheep are beaut, sheep are soft and curly,
    But when I take 'em into town I have to start off early.
    ’Coz they never go the way I want and I need someone to help me,
    So I just give a whistle and I call for Bob the Kelpie.”
    Bob The Kelpie by Don Spencer (one for the kiddies there

    here is alittle more I found and the artist HTH :)

  9. hey,

    do you have a link to the song or the video. used to see it on tv on the disney channel years ago... loved it.

  10. http://www.youtube.com/results?search_type=&search_query=don+spencer+sheep+are+cute&aq=f

    I know it's a little late... few years in fact, but hey! Oh well. This is a link to the 'Bob the Kelpie' (Sheep are Cute) song

  11. Update on that link -- I accidentally copied the wrong one


  12. Just randomly driving through the Australian country side and mum breaks out into this song! we couldnt quite remember all the words but the youtube link is an awesome start!


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