Sunday, July 24

Daily Farm Photo: 7/24/05

Quite A Sunrise


  1. I know I can always count on Farmgirl for a vacation sunrise!

    Oh, your raspberry tarts somehow look more appealing than how I enjoyed my raspberries -- on a 1/4 cup of ground flaxseed!!!!

    Have a restful Sunday!

  2. And of course, you DID grow the raspberries your self, right???

    Need some tips on growing berries, please! Does one plant them in the fall or spring????


  3. BB,
    I definitely would have skipped the ground flax seed--traded it in for whipped cream, maybe? Or eaten them plain!

    Of course I grew those raspberries. This is not Hollywood--no stunt double berries. : )

    Re growing tips:
    1. Plant raspberries in the spring.
    2.Get a sheep--free organic fertilizer.

  4. That is a beautiful sunrise farmgrl :) sigh!

    Oh and you are an old dog!!!!did you know that? Suprising me and all????
    Yep that's right ;)

  5. Maria & Amy,
    Thank you! Those clouds really caught my eye.

    Thank you, too. Surprising you? Whatever do you mean?

  6. Thanks for that lovely sunrise pix. Made my day even though I'm seeing this in the late afternoon.

  7. Eagerly awaiting today's photo....St. Louis isn't the same without some rural scenery!

  8. Beautiful photo Farmgirl!


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