Monday, July 18

Daily Farm Photo: 7/18/05

Pretty In Pink For Those Blue On Mondays


  1. Oh that is a nice picture!
    Is that a gazinia?

    Dont forget a photo everyday...

    check out ;)

  2. Hi Clare,
    Well, it's a zinnia. Maybe gazinia is the Australian term? (I like it!) Zinnias do really well here--they withstand the heat and humidity and lack of summer rain without complaint. I started a few from seed this year, and this was the first one to bloom. They always look so cheerful to me.

    I once grew a whole patch of "Persian Carpet" zinnias that were gorgeous--tiny flowers in dark shades of orange, maroon, etc. They really did look like a persian carpet.

    Wow, that is pretty neat. Do you have any experience using them or have you seen any of their products? For anyone who's interested in self-publishing, I'd suggest checking it out--they do everything for you. Thanks, Clare!

  3. Ah that's it! zinnia... my brain must be fried oops.

    They sound fabulous, My mum grows them in her garden.

    I think lulu looks really good. I want to make a book of my Omas recipes, and for the whole family to have a good copy that is why I am interested in them, the prices are really reasonable too.

    See I can help too :P LOL!

  4. Oh Amy,
    Your yard sounds gorgeous! Just the words themselves are lovely: hibiscus, bouiganvillea.

    I know there are lots of varieties of zinnias in all shapes and sizes. I planted two types this year, and one is supposed to get four feet high. I seem to recall growing some pretty short, compact ones once. Check a seed catalog for varieties that they say do well in pots. I like Pinetree Garden Seeds because they sell small packets of high quality seeds at very reasonable prices (most well under $1.00). They're on my links list. So is Baker Creek Heirloom seeds, a wonderful seed company right here in Missouri. I don't remember what their flower selection is like, though. They have all kinds of rare vegetable seeds from around the world.

    Lulu sounds perfect for your project!

  5. Amy,
    I think a few pretty flowers are a million times better than no flowers. I only had two daylilies bloom this year, but they were both lovely and thoroughly enjoyed. And this is one of only two zinnias that have bloomed so far. I usually concentrate on the edibles. : )

    Fortunately I am surrounded by all kinds of wildflowers. They are definitely the best--all of the beauty and no work at all!

  6. Oh, Farmgirl,
    "Blue" Monday is an understatement -- try BLACK Monday! It was the day from HELL and having this pretty little pink zinnia was a kind, comforting end to a very thorn-filled day. Zinnias are incredible and come in SOOOO many varieties from dwarfs and carpets to large pom-poms that are almost like Mums! Thanks for sharing some of the tranquility for those who have so little....


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