Sunday, July 31

Daily Farm Photo: 7/31/05

Homemade Swing


  1. swing gently in the morning mist. Very nice picture. Do you have many takers for the swing?

  2. OH!!!! I want to swing in your swing!!!

    What time of the day did you take the pic with all the pretty mist?

  3. Love IT! What a peaceful little spot. Do you swing often?

  4. Ah, your picture brought to mind even more of my childhood memories--the board swing! It was quite the tool for acrobatics during my acrobatic days. I'd probably break my neck now.
    Beautiful picture! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi Michelle,
    I suspect some of the lambs use it when I'm not looking. : )

    What can I say? Sorry, slugs. Oops, I mean girls. : )

    I took that picture at 3:15 am--right after I finished building it. : )

    Not as often as I'd like! : )

    Thanks. Glad I could safely bring back some more nice memories for you. You can't break your neck just by thinking! : )

    Thanks for the ultimate compliment. . .

  6. The neighbors across the street from me when I was little had a big tree and a swing like that,b ut, alas, it broke. It was replaced with one made from an old Charles Chip potatochip can lid and it was fun too!!! LLLooonnng rope, went really high! I went over one Easter morning, in my pink shoes and jammies and purse! And scuffed up my shoes and got in trouble, but it was worth it!


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