Wednesday, July 27

Daily Farm Photo: 7/27/05

Trixie Takes A Break


  1. Using the wall there to hold her up. I love it.

  2. Awww... adorable! She looks like she's trying to eavesdrop on a conversation on the other side of the wall. Too cute.

  3. oh so cute! I agree she looks like she is evesdropping!

  4. Gosh. Holding the wall up, hiding, eavesdropping--and here I thought she was just resting.

    Sheep love cozy spaces that feel safe. Being up against some sort of wall is definitely a top priority. They are also creatures of habit. In the barn, each sheep has its own preferred sleeping spot.

    If that spot happens to be a coveted one (like up against the barn gate and the adjacent feed room door) and you want the sheep to move out of your way, well, just forget it. Poking, prodding, and asking politely have no effect whatsoever. I have learned to open the gate, step over the unmoving sheep, and then use all my might to pull open the feed room door just enough to slip my arm through and flip on the water pump. The sheep will shift its weight (against the door) and shoot me a dirty look. Good thing they're so cute. : )

  5. trixie is adorable. how many sheep do you have? are they all pets? or do they (I hate to ask, but I am curious) get eaten. I am thinking because they have names they are not eaten.

  6. Trixie sounds like my cat! Yeah, it kinda looks like she is doing some spying on her fellow sheep in the barn.


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