Sunday, July 17

Daily Farm Photo: 7/17/05

Dawn Patrol


  1. what beautiful & subtle lighting ... i love when you can really see the light accurately in a photo. lovely! mav

  2. I wish I was there walking through the dew damp grass with you! Great photo!

  3. What a beautiful, serene photo. Bear looks so ethereal -- a true guardian angel for the sheepies!

    Troy is jealous and he would love to be free to roam......but I would have a meltdown with him off the leash!!!


  4. Maria,
    Thanks so much!

    Thanks to you, too!

    And yet more thanks! Yes, Bear is wonderful with his sheep. He absolutely adores them. I am so fortunate to have him. And he is so lucky to never have to be on a leash!

    And Amy,
    Wow--I'm so flattered. No, I've never thought of selling any photos (but wouldn't that be neat?). Before starting this blog 6 weeks ago and then deciding to post the daily farm photo, I'd taken maybe 10 rolls of film in my life. I'm having such a good time, though. I love taking pictures.

    And I will admit that just this morning I was daydreaming about a gorgeously printed coffee table book called "365 Days On The Farm"--big color photos, and large enough to lay it open to each day's picture. Mmmmmm. . . I'll send you a copy if it ever gets printed! : )

  5. Schatzli,
    You're absolutely right. That early morning sun is gorgeous. I do love twilight, though, too!

    Okay Amy,
    I've finally stopped laughing enough to type. You crack me up. First of all, I think you'd better lay off that honey sauce and ice cream because you're already too darn sweet! And second of all, I have a brilliant marketing idea. Forget the bread recipes--I'll just lug a couple hundred loaves of fresh bread to book signings and we'll (yes, you'll be there, too, as you're getting me into this--I hope you work for food!) give a free loaf with every book purchase! Never heard of anybody doing that before! Though I suppose we'll have to provide butter, too. And knives. And napkins. Hmmm. This is getting awfully complicated. I'm so glad you'll be there to take care of all the details. : )

  6. Hi Susan:

    Thanks for your nice comments at my site. And yes, I've seen a turtle prepared and cooked...and it wasn't pretty!

    Or tasty.

    Seems like we did the same thing--running away from California. I just got tired of people in their SUV's on the phone, drinking chai lattes, trying to run me over crossing the street, while hurrying to yoga. (Then giving me the finger for getting in their way!)

    Sounds like (and looks like from your photos) that you've carved a nice life for yourself. Great blog!


  7. I think it is a fantastic idea too...
    dont forget me!

  8. Clare,
    You can be in charge of international sales and publicity. (You work for food, too, right?)

    Hi David,
    I'm so glad you stopped by, and thanks for the nice comments.

    Yep, I escaped from California--fortunately before it was taken over by SUVs, cell phones, chai lattes, and yoga. Everybody still had cars and fingers, though! I suppose you're lucky you didn't get shot by someone really late for yoga.

    Yeah, while doing that little turtle recipe search, I did come across a site that gave very explicit instructions on how to prepare one for cooking. I'm not squeamish, but YUCK. The thing is, they don't even look edible. I figure the first person to eat a turtle had to have been dying of starvation.

  9. For your food anytime Susan;)

    here they have LSD
    latte soy dandelion/decaf :P

    How about this!
    because I had typed farm grl (for you) and a comment by sam (sixy beast) I was found in a dodgy search engine and was #1 ROFLMFAO!


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