Wednesday, July 27

Don't Get Left Out Standing In The Field!

Where Did Everybody Go?

A coyote might get you. Or even worse--you'll miss the Book Swap at Beauty Joy Food. The rest of the flock is over there signing up right now. Do you want to be the only one who doesn't get a book?
You don't need to have a blog to join in. The rules are very simple, and you can even send a favorite used book right off your shelf if you like. (After all, a used book is just a new book that has already been loved, right?)
What? High postage prices got you down? Never fear! Media Rate will (eventually) get it there! It's not always fast, but it's cheap. Only $1.84 to send a 2-pound package anywhere in the U.S. There is even an International Media Rate. You can mail that 2-pound package all the way to Australia for only $4.60.
If you don't already know Amy and her amusing, literature-loving, delicious blog, be sure to tell her that Farmgirl sent you over. And just think, when a wonderful surprise book lands in your mailbox, there won't be any room left in there for bills.
So what are you waiting for? Click here to join the rest of the flock before a coyote shows up and eats you.


  1. I just read the story of the Chippers and it made my day. I love your site. I think I should bake some cookies for my boy Benny.

    I love to see your pictures, you always were the most talented person I knew. I wish you still lived here so we could cook for each other. I remember the cookies you sent after I had Benny. I didn't really share them.

  2. I signed up! And I just want to add that I love reading your blog. I just found it a few days ago.
    The simple life...reminds me of how I grew up, though only because we lived out 'in the country'. I also raised sheep for 4-H/FFA and still recall the day my first two suffolks, brothers that were bottle fed and thought I was their mom, boarded the big truck for the slaughterhouse. :(
    Anyhow, thanks for sharing!

  3. Yay!
    You are 2 cool 4 skool fg!!!! *grin*

  4. I'm all signed up and ready to go! Another beauty of a picture, by the way. :)

  5. Hi jjsooner,
    Welcome to the farm! So glad you're enjoying your e-visits. And you signed up for the book swap--wonderful! So you're a former 4H/FFAer? Neat. Now you can relive some childhood memories without any of the work! Of course you won't get to hug any sheepsies either. . .: )

    LOL Clare,
    You crack me up! : )

    Thank you. So glad you signed up for the book swap, too. I have a feeling this is going to turn into a regularly scheduled event. Getting a surprise book in the mailbox is so much fun.


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