Saturday, June 3

C Is For. . .

Chocolate Chip Biscotti

Farmgirl Fare is one year old today!
(And so is Beattie, the surprising star of my very first blog post, An Unexpected Beginning.)

Champagne & Chocolate!
Which is how I'm celebrating my blog's birthday. (Apparently you're allowed to buy your blog a birthday present. Lindy bought hers a plant. I bought mine a bar of fancy organic chocolate--which should make David very happy.)

Weekend Cat Blogging is also one year old!
My WCB post will be up tomorrow, and so will my pal Clare's very special WCB celebration over at Eat Stuff in Australia.

And Lambs! (What?)
I figured I should do a little something special in honor of my blog's birthday, so I'm finally getting around to announcing what the deal is regarding the names for this year's ewe lambs (the boys don't get names). As many of you know, two years ago we realized that it would be a lot easier to remember which lambs were born when if we gave them all names that began with the same letter. So the 2004 ewe lambs all have 'A' names (Annie, Alison, Alisha, Amy, etc.), and the 2005 lambs have 'B' names (Beattie, Bella, Brett, Babsie, Becks, etc.).

That means this year everybody needs a 'C' name--like Chocolate Chip Biscotti above who, appropriately, was born the day after I posted my recipe for Toasted Almond Chocolate Chip Biscotti. Click here to see her the day she was born, and click here for the biscotti post. And then there's little Caraway, of course.

Are you starting to see a pattern here? Yep, I've also decided to choose all food & herb related names. We're not having another Name That Sheep Contest, but I am taking suggestions for appropriate 'C' names. (Cracker, Coconut, and Captain Crunch are examples of inappropriate 'C' names.) I am in charge of all final decisions as well as matching fitting names to each of the lambs. If your name is chosen, you will of course be given full credit. (But you will not be given a little lamb to call your own.)

And finally, C is for. . .

Can't Quite Reach that Itch
('Cause some of you can't get enough of Cary



  1. Let's see, there is coriander, cumin, cheddar, cassava, cabbage, and COWABUNGA. Yes, it's a stretch but some cows produce food and some become food.

  2. I didn't know you could buy your blog a gift. I just past the one year mark last month. Hmmmm.

    Congratulations to you!

  3. Happy blogiversary!

    I feel as if I surely must have been reading your blog for more than a year, because so much has happened on the farm. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your work here and your good self.

    So, enjoy your well-deserved chocolate and champagne, and I'll see if I can't keep the chickens under control for the evening.

    Cilantro, chimichanga, cinnamon, celery, coffee, cocoa, chowder and CARDOON- for starters.

  4. Happy blog anniversary!

    I'll have to see what I'll offer my blog for it's one year of existence!!!...

  5. How about "Cholesterol" ?

    Can't keep us chickenz down, heh, heh.

    Wait till the chicken blog has its birthday. Party in the henhouse, eh?

  6. Thanks for the photo! Total cuteness!

    How about Chambord or Cachaca?

  7. Happy happy blog-versary! Thanks for all the joy and laughter you've brought us :)

    I think in honor of lindy (the chicken) and whitey, who are clearly under-appreciated and under-recognized, you should make this the Year of the Chickenz (since Chickenz starts with C! See?). Everyone gets chicken-something!!! Chicken-finger Lucy, Chicken-legs Suzie, or Chicken-lips Louise. How many body-parts do chickenz have anyhow?

    Note that out of respect for the seriousness of this matter, I left out Chicken-$h*t Sally....I'm nothing if not dignified.

  8. Cauliflower... Cappuchino... Cardamom... But I'm with Lindy on Cardoon!


  9. Happy One Year Susan!

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. How about: Camembert (Cammy), Canape, Cannoli, Cantelope, Capanata, Cappelletti, Cardamom, Carob, Casaba, Cashew, Cassis, Cassolette (yes, I know it's a dish, but it's still food related), Caudrée, Cavier, Cayenne, Ceviche, Chablis, Chanterelle, Chardonnay, Charlotte (as in the cake, but it works as a feminine name too!), Chenna, Chevre, Chiffonade, Chinois (I know, I know, the last two aren't food, but I just like the way they sound as names), Churro, Chutney, Cider, Cioppina (the feminine form of Cioppino, don't know if it's correct, but still, I like the way it sounds), Clove, Cordial, Cranberry, Creme Brulee, Crepe, Croissant, or Cruller

    Sorry, a guess a touch of OCD set in. (They're alphabetized too...)

    Happy one year!!!

  12. Happy First Birthday!

    I like Cranberry!

  13. Jeff -You do us honor. But (psst!) we don't have lips.

  14. Happy Anniversary!

    I love Cranberry (whoever suggested that)

    I was also thinking Coriander, just because you could shorten it to "Corey" if the specific lamb worms her way into your heart more than any others...

    CUTE lamb - looks like a little cow! LOL

  15. Happy one year blog birthday!! You sure have accomplished a lot in one year.

    I was going to say name a lamb cilantro, but someone beat me to it. How about curry?

  16. How about Camote (Cami for short?)--it means sweet potato, could be kind of cute! Happy 1st birthday! Oh, and Cookie Monster would say that the old standby is the best: "C is for Coooookiiieeeee!!!" Tee Hee! :)

  17. Cocotte. It's yours. A French term of endearment and a handy cooking vessel.

  18. Happy Birthday! Woot!

    Thank you so much for sharing your life with the rest of us..

    How about Chai!

  19. P.S.

    That's Denise from TN who posted
    Chai ! :)

  20. Happy anniversary!
    And surely you're entitled to buy your blog a gift, great choices chocolate and champagne....

    What about Cin-Cin or Cheers?

  21. Good morning and Happy Anniversary !!!!!


  22. Happy Blogiversary, Champagne and Organic Chocolate? Has someone been to Trader Joe's? I vote for Comfrey.

  23. Happy blogiversary, Farmgirl! You've made our lives a little richer every day.

  24. Happy First Anniversary to my favorite gotta-read-it blog! Thanks Susan, for a really enjoyable moment every day!

  25. Congratulations! Your blog is one of the greatest. Thank you for helping us survive the city life.

    Here are a few suggestions:

    Cracker, Carmella, Clara Belle, Charlie, Cha Cha, Carmen, Consuela,
    Chaquita Oops! I think you have a Clara Belle. I will go back and check.

    Hope you have a bright, sunny day.

  26. Happy, Happy Anniversary to you!! Thank you for starting this wonderful blog.

  27. How could I have forgotten Cupcake? :) Or Calico Bean--that would be appropriate for some of the chocolate-chip spotted lambs... Oohh, the possibilities are endless....

  28. Happy blogiversary, Farmgirl!

    When I was a little girl I spent some time domesticating a wild pony named Chickahominy (Chicka for short), after the Cherokee name for a nearby Georgia river. Her owners called her Cookie, but as the romantic little girl I was, I believed that the reason I was able to tame her was that I knew her "true name."

    Chicka might also be a good compromise for those supporters of "Chickenz." =)

  29. Happy Blogiversary!

    And now for some suggestions...

    Camembert, Chedder, Colby, Chevres, Cheshire...

    Why yes I am from Wisconsin why do you ask?

  30. But sunidesus, can you really name a sheep "Chevres"? How will we tell the sheep from the goats?!

  31. Happy anniversary, Farmgirlfare!

  32. Happy Anniversary! One year and counting. I do so enjoy your site.

    What about chipotle for that one feisty little girl? I'm sure you have one.

  33. Happy Birthday to Farmgirl Fare!! The chocolate and champagne sounds like a great way to celebrate! Hope there are many more great years of blogging to come...


  34. Has anyone said Cinamon yet?


  35. Happy Birthday, Farmgirl!

    Thank you for reminding us daily of the joys nature has to offer all of us. Here's hoping the next year bring even more joy.

    As for my entry for the "C" name ... I submit the name Cosima!

  36. I suppose naming a lamb Curried would be in bad taste?

    (pardon the double pun)

  37. Happy Blogiversary! It goes fast, doesn't it?

  38. Oh, I forgot to give you my suggestions for names... Clover and Crimson. Those are the names of my cats, so why not lambs!

  39. Happy Blog Birthday!!!

    Cherry, Cherry Pie
    Chili, Chili Powder, Chili Con Carne
    Cottage Cheese
    Cornflake, Corncob, Cornbread
    Carrot, Carrot Cake
    Cocoa, Cocoa Powder

    and one Martha ingredient:
    creme fraiche

  40. Cheesecake. Chive. Coffee Bean. Chip. Candy Cane. Candy. Cucumber.
    Chorizo. Cannellini. Capellini. Crouton. Croissant. Cruller. Chex. Chambord. Chimay.

    Damn, now I'm hungry.

  41. Hi Susan, Happy anniversary!! The gift is ours which seems a little selfish, but we send you our love from across the pond. X

    I'm thinking these are a little insensitive but for a giggle, lamb goes with a few things ... Casserole, Chop, Curry. Sorry.. how about couscous, chervil, creme de menthe, cheesecake, chips, caramel, or my fave chick pea (damn good in the pesto!). Have a great day.

  42. Thank you for one year of excellent blogging!

    Cassava, clover, cilantro, coriander, cranberry, churro and cinnamon are the ones I like that have already been suggested.

    My suggestion would be Callebaut, the Belgian chocolate brand.

    (However, my favourite brand is Côte d'Or, but that's maybe a too difficult name for a sheep.)

    Happy anniversary!

  43. Scratch my suggestions. My vote goes for Dana's suggestion..Clover.
    Oh...Do we get to vote on the finalists?

  44. First time I've ever posted, but I read your blog every day and love it. Happy blogiversary!
    There's some great suggestions here, so I'm going to second (third? fourth?)my personal fave, Cinnamon. What about Cocoa? Oh, and Cocoloco. I always used them for passwords, b/c they were easy to remember and made me laugh.
    Congrats again!

  45. More considerations: chapati, challah, and clover.

    Interestingly enough, I know a Cinnamon and her sister is Candy.

  46. Cute idea!

    How about:

    Cate - article of purchased food; a dainty or choice food
    Chou - pronounced like shoe and is French for cabbage
    Champignon (mushroom) - French

  47. Kat's comment reminded me, there's a delicious french dessert/cake called clafoutis (pronounced klef-oo-tee), like a sponge with cherries dotted in it, a friend of mine has a rabbit with this name. Good name for another spotty lamb?

  48. Happy Anniversary! Yay!
    How about some sweet names:
    Candy Cane
    Cotton Candy
    Christmas Candy
    and a made up word-

  49. Oooh! How about Cynthiana?

    For those who don't know, Norton/Cynthiana is a native American varietal (but not a "fox" grape), and is the official state grape of Missouri. The reason for the two names is because there were two grapes that were long thought to be different varietals, but recent genetic testing showed them to basically be the same. Norton/Cynthiana is planted all over Missouri, and makes a delicious dry red wine. Historically, a Norton wine made near Saint Louis was awarded the title of "Best Red Wine of All Nations" at an international competition in Vienna in 1873. There's a great article about the grape here:

    And speaking of Missouri wine grapes, you also have the names Chambourcin, Chardonel, and Catawba to choose from!

    I love Missouri wines, in case it weren't obvious. :)

  50. Oh, and Concord! How could I forget Concord?

  51. Congrats on your anniversary.

    With that in mind I didn't see a mention of Champagne. Or how about Cerise, Cherry Pie, Cup Cake, Crab Apple, Clouty Dumpling (A Scottish favourite) or Choux Bun??

  52. Well, before I logged on and found out you are back up (need to put you into blogger) I had decided that "cranberry" was my choice. But THEN I saw that it had been suggested several times. So to stay original since I'm from Washington state I have a native plant from there for you, the "Camas Lily" (pronounced cam'us). Not only is it a beautiful flower, the Indians ate the root and the Lewis & Clark party learned to eat it from them. There you have a little history thrown in!

  53. so many great names! did someone already submit clafoutis?

    my fave chocolate brand is cote d'or too! (and the lamb could be cotey for short)

    I also submit "Cress" (short for watercress), Cippolini (the little onions), and Cassis. Does it have to be food themed? 'Cause I like the name Copper (like a penny or a jelly mold) too.

  54. Naming those babies becomes a BIG job when you are blessed with abundance. Being a country girl myself - keep thinking of "Cobbler"(not so fancy a name as Clafouti but delicious!) who could be Cobbie for nickname. Hooray for being back - miss you'd much!

  55. Oops - forgot to list my other fave - Chimichanga! Now that's a good lamb name - Chimicita!Ole!

  56. Love your blog Farmgirl! You inspired my husband and I enough to sell our city house in Toronto and move to a house 3 hours away on a river with 2 barns to start a new life with our children. We move in 5 1/2 weeks!!

    Names for the lambs;
    Calli (short for calico), Claire, Chardonay, Clyde, Candy, Clover (I love this because as we know sheep do love a bit of clover!). Calypso for the lamb that loves to dance.

  57. I was going to suggest Cruller, but since a couple others already have I'll vote for that. And Chili! Has no one else suggested Chili?

  58. How about courgette which is British for zucchini? It's got a lovely sound to it...

  59. Carly-flower

  60. Does that mean that 2007's ewe lambs are "D" names or still "C"s?

  61. "Compote" - to be nicknamed "Potey".

    :) I was going to say "caraway" but that one had already been taken.

    I like "Caraway" too.

    I like "Caracas", but it's not a foodie name, it's just a fun word to say.

    Go Potey!

  62. Happy belated blogaversary!!

    Wow, what great names to choose from...

    mine are just a few and some repeat

    1. Cassis (love that, neat as a name)
    2. Cameo (dunno, just sounds like some of those beautiful colors of the fleeces)
    3. Charlotte (as in Russe?)or Carlotta (cha cha CHA)
    4. Copper
    5. Corrine (just a nice old fashioned name)
    6. Crash (for that not-so-coordinated lamb? lol)
    7. Carys (good ol' gaelic)
    8. Clementine (oh m'darlin)
    9. Calico (lovin' those spots)
    10. Chip

  63. how about Currant?

  64. Cambozola! Good cheese, fun sound.

  65. clafoutis, crannachan, chermoula.


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