Wednesday, June 28

Daily Farm Photo: 6/28/06

Butterfly Paradise

I just love butterfly season. Click
here and here (and on 'Butterfly' in the caption) if you do, too.

A year of Daily Photos ago: Last Of The Hay Bales

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  1. Lovely summer color. I have tried growing them but for some reason they failed to thrive. I will try again next year. If I can keep our neighborhood rabbit out of the garden I might get more things to grow! She is cute though!

  2. super cool blog, keep the pictures coming. take care

  3. I tried your recipe for the breakfast bars and they turned out yummy! Check out the picture on my blog.

  4. Susan, I ran across your blog and LOVE IT! You inspire me and make me smile on a daily basis... When I was a girl I was lucky enough to spend weekends and summers on a farm in Northern California, your pictures bring back wonderful memories, thanks for sharing life... Shann @}---

  5. Hi, 1st time at your site.
    Love it. Where I came from
    there are no farms like yours.
    Only commercial farms.

    Will add you to my fav. list.
    Keep up the good work & great

  6. Really amazed to surf your site. Real life story of my dream. I always dreamt about a large farm where I will get the real peace and happyness of life.

    Thanks for the sharing and best of luck.

  7. I discovered your blog yesterday and am really impressed. Do you write for any publications or have you tried to pitch a book about your story yet? There's a beautiful book called Harvest, by Nicola Smith, with photographs by Geoff Hansen, that comes to mind, although yours could be funnier and edgier. Good luck. I'll keep checking back. See You might be interested in Stone in the Pond--people or cpmpanies creating a ripple that can change the world ( or FoodShed--the dirt on local, sustainable food (

  8. so glad this is a blog of note, I may never have found it otherwise and that would've been a shame.
    I love your photographs and recipes!

  9. What kind of flowers are those? Amazing color!

  10. Hi Annette,
    Thanks so much and welcome to the farm!

    Hi Vickie,
    For some reason echinacea literally grows like a weed here. You can see it in huge masses all along the rural highways--gorgeous when it is blooming. It's hard to grow so many things here, but when something does adapt itself to our crazy climate, it goes gangbusters. Thankfully echinacea is one of those things!

    LOL, last night I put up a photo of a bunny I busted in my garden on my garden blog. The farm is just hopping with rabbits this year.

    Hi Little Sister,

    Hi Laura,
    Thanks for letting me know about your Blueberry Breakfast Bar success. Always nice to hear that a recipe worked out well for somebody. : )

    Hi Shann,
    Thank you and you're welcome!

    Hi Maxi,
    Welcome to the farm. So glad you enjoyed your e-visit. I look forward to hearing from you again.

    Hi Mass People,
    Thanks for taking the time to write. The nice thing about this farm is that you can e-visit anytime and never have to do a bit of work! : )

    Hi Pattie,
    Thanks for all the kind words. Yes, I have written articles and columns for various magazines. And yes, I am currently in the process of pitching some book ideas to publishers. I'm not familiar with Harvest--will have to check it out. Thanks for the other links, too.

    Hi Tree,
    I'm so glad this was a Blog Of Note, too. So many wonderful new readers! Thanks for taking the time to write and say hello.

    Hi TV Guy,
    They're echinacea flowers. They have become very popular in recent years as all parts of the plant are used as herbal supplements to boost the immune system, fend off colds, etc. Yes, I find the color amazing, too. Every time I walk by them I just stop and stare. All day long they are loaded with pollinators. I've seen the bees and butterflies literally pushing each other off of flowers. : )


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