Tuesday, June 13

Daily Farm Photo: 6/13/06

Not A Hay Bale In Sight--It's A Beautiful Thing

Still in Haying Recovery Mode. Busy catching up on everything around the farm and garden now that I can focus on something besides hay. Will hopefully be back later to reply to your comments and emails and answer questions. Thanks for your patience.

A year of daily photos ago:
Heart Rocks make their first appearance. My collection sure has grown in a year. I think I have at least 60 heart rocks now (all found on or near the farm).


  1. What astounds me is you did it all in five days with one man, one woman, and a baby lamb.
    (C'mon: was there anyone else helping?)
    Very impressive. Such determination.

  2. Hi Cookiecrumb,
    Hmmmm, are you sure it was only five days? I could have sworn this was a three week project. : )

    Well, yes, of course there was someone else helping--the Nanny Bear! And Robin patrolled the field perimeter for rabbits and monsters. Oh, and the cats guarded the inside and outside of the house. Tough job, but somebody had to do it.

  3. I "heart" that beautiful field.
    Looks like God's country to me.
    Well, part of God's country. Can't let my fellow Texans know I said that. Tee hee

  4. At 70' N at the border between Norway and Finland, as east as Istanbul, I start longing for MY bales of hay; they will hopefully be made-and stored-during the last days of July/beg.of August. The feeling I have when the fields are empty, is just like you describe it. Are'nt we lucky- with both sheep and hay ??

  5. When do you sleep? Between the sheep, gardens, blogs, cooking, preserving, photography (which is wonderful) I feel like a real slug and guilty that I can enjoy this blog for an escape from my cubicle. Really look forward to this every day!

  6. This is just so beautiful.

  7. gorgeous! looking at all that, you must really feel like you accomplished something! I'm tired just looking at it!

  8. I'm sorry, I missed the pre-hay-bale pictures. Maybe you could put them all back, take another picture, and then put them away again...?

    I know, I know...50 lashes with a wet chicken....

    You should have called us for help! We could have sent Max. And you could have kept him...

  9. You sure must feel proud, all this hay safe, and all this beautiful land to look at!

  10. What a beautiful countryside and no houses in sight!!!

  11. Excuse me Mr. Jeff, but that sounds like chicken-abuse to the undersigned. Don't even think about getting us wet.

  12. Now now, Lindy (the chicken) and Whitey...."abuse" is such a strong word. Think of it more as chicken love-taps. Underwater. :)


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